HTC one vs. Xperia Z

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Well, talking about the high end Smartphones has always been a fascinating thing especially when you know how hard it will be to evaluate between the two phones that are a whole breed of mammoths. Sony Xperia Z and HTC One, both were adjourned as the most admired mobile phones of the year and almost every mobile phone lover had an inception of owing either of the one, someday. Both the rivals are big on their screens, high on their performance and promising on their sheer mobile phone using pleasure. But what would happen if you just narrow the gap between the two and give a close look to them, which one would be the better one and which one would be the next best? Well, let us unravel this irony by pulling these two rivals on the battlefield. Let’s see who makes a sweet escape and who faces the confrontation’s heat!

HTC one vs. Xperia Z

Design and build:

Okay! The design and build portion of any Smartphone is amid one of the smartest comparisons of all times, no matter what, if the mobile phone has got a chic design then I’s worth big kudos.

Over here, the HTC One is made up of Aluminium body with more curved design and tapered ends and a Gorilla glass 2 fitted on the front just right above the screen.

On the other hands, the Xperia Z’s design is pretty slated to that of its predecessors and the body is made more of glass that makes it slightly heavier than the rival. It puts in the use of glass plates on both, front and back panels that offers it a premium look.

Alright! Even though both the Smartphones puts in the use of first class materials yet the design of Xperia Z is pretty common, while the HTC One’s design is unique and loving.

Advantage: HTC One

If you compare both the mobile phone’s display technically then you would be pretty surprised to know that both the mobile phones have got the same screen type but at a slight difference in their size. Let us check out.

The display screen of the HTC One is packed around 4.7 inches Super LCD3 capacitive touch screen and has screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and braves 469 pixels per inch.

While, on the other side there is Xperia Z that has already taken a lead in terms of the screen size by 0.3 inches over the 4.7 incher rival. It is packed with a 5 inches TFT capacitive touch screen display that is powered by Sony Mobile Bravia Engine 2.

Even though there is hardly any big difference between the two in terms of their display, the only thing that makes a difference is the differentiating PPI. HTC One in this case takes a clear lead with its sharp and vivid display.

Advantage: HTC One

Since both the Smartphones are highly potent and prolifically bestowed so there will be a tough competition between the two peers for the throne. This is pretty obvious!

Talking about the Xperia Z, the phone uses the Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait processor that is coupled with dexterous 2 GB of RAM.

Making a dub on the other side, the HTC One packs in a Quad-core 1.7 GHz Krait 300 processor that is clubbed with 2 GB of RAM.

Now, there is a clear distinction in the clock speed of both the Smartphones and this makes pretty much clear about who will carry forward the legacy of sorts- HTC One certainly.

Advantage: HTC One


So the excitement of the comparison charting has now come to an end and the results for the same are also pretty much understood in some sorts. Likewise, the HTC One is far too better than the Xperia Z in many ways, whether you talk about the looks, display or performance. However, the HTC One price is slightly higher than the Sony Xperia Z price but this stands truly justified for the features that HTC boasts is just tremendous.

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