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There are various ways Twitter can be used for business. It’s a great platform for potential customers to learn about new products and your business. People all over the world can have access to your tweets and interact with your account. It’s a great free tool that can be your business’ publicity and advertisement assistant. Twitter can make your company grow in popularity and success but it all depends on the way it is made use of.

People who are popular, authoritative and influential have more followers on Twitter. By having a high amount of followers, people will respect your opinion more. People’s perception of your company will be highly different if a customer sees you have a thousand followers compared to, say, fifty. The fact of having more followers will make you seem more reliable and attract more attention to your account. What you tweet may grow in impact and validation due to the assumption people have of your account based on its fan base.

A company’s presence on Twitter shows how popular they really are with customers. One of the easiest ways to grow in presence is by having a good profile with a clear picture and a personal description. This allows potential followers to
know what your business does. Users can easily identify the company when they see it outside of Twitter and know who they are. This can lead to a sale when a customer goes to a store and chooses your company’s product over a competitor since they are familiar with your brand.

Twitter is especially valuable when launching a new product. Tweets that promote contests or special access of a product can create great publicity. This can lead to more potential sales by users that become invested in tweeting about a product. The product can be a success way before its release based solely on how people are responding to it on Twitter.

Active use of Twitter is vital to keep a company engaged with users. The more people you tweet and have conversations with will assist your growth in contacts and your reach in getting more people to hear you on Twitter. Having conversations with users on the public timeline instead of direct messages allows others to join in. Make your tweets re-tweetable so others can share them with friends. Always re- tweet a user when they mention the company or its products. This shows followers that you are aware of their presence and value their opinions.


  • Gaining more followers on Twitter using simple methods.
  • Interacting with users daily helps a company’s online presence.
  • Businesses can create buzz for products by interacting with followers.
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