How to Succeed in Twitter with Good Style

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On Twitter, 140 characters go far, and more creatively, but the limited space has made ​​many tweets become incomprehensible, and some come to seem encrypted messages. However, if we are to succeed in the actions of online marketing on Twitter, you should have a good style and good grammar.

I am not referring to the grammar of our language; I mean the very grammar of Twitter and style of the language of 140 characters. The better written the message, the more clearly will reach the user. There are a number of guidelines that must be followed in the use of Twitter, and through which we can get more followers, and not only that, but these fans get our message more clearly.


Recently reading an article why you should buy followers, I came to corroborate the idea that a well-written tweet is synonymous with success, or almost. In this post we offer a few tips on style and grammar to use Twitter. It is fully in line with my own philosophy as writing on Twitter, so I want compatriots 10 tips that I found most interesting.

10 Tips for style and grammar Twitter

  1. Write tweets with care.

Be careful when writing the tweets, review and even read them aloud if necessary, and for old school must leave enough room for the retweet “RT”. This will discuss it in a council dedicated to this section.

  1. Start the tweets with words not with a point.

Not long ago came a fashion twitter employ a point ahead of @ name on the answers, thinking that supporters see it more clearly. Here’s the problem, most of these tweets are a sign that the message is going to be a complaint or to show off. Not to cause confusion before reading the tweet and your followers will not pass you by, it is best to reorganize the message conveying the same message written otherwise.

  1. The actual limit is less than 140 characters.

When writing a tweet must think of all those users who want to share content, and thus make a retweet. We will explain the difference between different retweet, but we like the traditional method must vacate at least 20 characters for the “RT name “even, ideally leaving any more so they can include comments. This simple detail will help followers to spread the message.

  1. Avoid abbreviations.

The tweets that we write are not private, and therefore we should avoid abbreviations and slang LOL, ROLF, NP type, … We can use them in private conversations with our friends, but keep in mind that Twitter is a public forum and any You can share messages. I am among those who think that above all the message must be clear.

  1. Differences between RT and MT Retweet native.

We have three types of retweets: the traditional with the “RT @ format name “, the” MT “(modified tweet) and native retweet. The traditional method is still the most reliable for two reasons, mentioned the author of the tweet, and also lets you add comments to the message.

The native twitter retweet personally I use it only when the length of tweet does not allow me to do a traditional “RT”.

Recently adopted a new way to retweet, is in the format “MT” (stands for modified tweet). Used to indicate that the shared tweet has been edited. At this point, you have to make a suggestion as to its use is concerned, should be used only when the original tweet has been modified so that your message has changed.

Simply remove hashtags, does not mean that the message has changed substantially, and therefore do not need to use the “MT” to share. Unless hashtags part of the message itself, and eliminate substantially change the meaning of the original tweet.

  1. Shorten URLs.

Is convenient to use the shortened URLs for several reasons, firstly for reasons of space, and secondly by issues of monitoring and measurement. These type shorteners and allow us to track the tweet, and know the clicks that have been made ​​over the link, and other interesting facts.

  1. Add the references to people.

Whenever possible, add the entries of people in the context of the tweet are a detail of education, and above are more likely to hold a conversation.

  1. Use brackets and vertical lines to add notes.

In a tweet, message clarity is paramount, to facilitate their comprehension and to be spread more easily. To write explanatory notes should use the brackets and vertical lines, eg a link to a youtube video we can use the word “video” in brackets, to imply that the link leads us to watch a video, as see in the image below.

  1. Use single quotes as substitutes for emphasis.

We all know that the text of a tweet can not format, but for those cases grammatically want to add a word or words in italics, can use single quotes to indicate that the text included between them is italicized.

        10. Hashtags.

Investigate hashtags being used on the theme of tweet we’re writing. Using it in a consistent manner and that the message is understood correctly, and if the hashtags have to go to the end of the tweet that is not part of the message, separating the vertical line as mentioned in the tip 8. Beside this you can use service like is a great one for your twitter account promotion.

In short, we must be logical, follow the fashions and of course what we write in the tweet has to be interesting.

Do you have a writing style tweets you want to see more people using? I hope your contributions.


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