How to Score High in Chemistry Examination

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Chemistry. This is a subject that deals with the study of matter, substances, elements, its properties, how does substances combine, etc. However, the fun fact is, we as common people have a perception that the chemists are the white-coated scientists blending different substances in the lab. But, the fact is every one of us is a chemist in either way in our daily lives.

How to Score high in Chemistry

Understanding the basic fundamentals of Chemistry is a principal part of all the students’ lives.

Chemistry is divided into five branches. They are – Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. There are the 5 areas of study in chemistry. Each branch has its own importance and scope of learning.

Chemistry can create magic around us. Though the marvels are innumerable, indeed. The chemists are the magicians who are capable of turning scrap products into a fruitful one.

Chemistry is a vast and comprehensive subject. We require this subject to study Mineralogy, Technology and many more. Hence, it is a mandatory subject of study for all the students in their elementary level of schooling. It is one of the most important subjects to study, learn and understand the basic concepts. However, a few students find it difficult in comprehending the chapters. For an instance, he/she might find it difficult in understanding the Mole concept. This article is a ready reckoner guide for all the students who are aspiring to score high in their Chemistry examinations.

  • Start early – If you are not confident enough that you can crack the subject easily, do start early. Start reading your textbooks as early as possible. Do not rush the chapters. Study each and every chapter briefly.
  • Shape out your subject statistics – Before beginning your studies, make sure that you have all the subject’s related materials. Place your notes in an order. Prepare your own synopsis of each and every chapter.
  • Seek for assistance – If you feel that you are finding it difficult and unable to understand a concept in Chemistry like, Redox reaction, then please seek for help either from your peers or the tutors before it gets too late. Do not memorize the formulas, you might forget it. Instead, you can learn and understand the concept and remember.
  • Try to understand the concepts – Always understand the concepts before you start studying. Do not rush while writing an answer to a question. Read the questions carefully, understand them and then answer it. Sometimes, the questions might be slightly tricky.
  • Self assessment – Taking up mock tests and assessing them yourself is one of the best methods of studying for an examination. This helps you in understanding what you are good at and what are the concepts that require attention which has a scope of improvement.
  • Highlight the important points – Set a style of studying. Colour code the important points, formulas and questions that are likely to appear in the chemistry exam. This helps you to focus on the relevant topics and refer the study material.
  • Take breaks – Do not stretch your study time by more than 2 hours. Make sure that you take sufficient breaks while studying. Go for a walk or talk to your family members. Stay relaxed. Else, you can discuss the syllabus with your friends during your break time. Mind definitely requires a break. A break during the study time is a stress buster.

Hence, these are the 7 steps to score high in the upcoming chemistry exams. Follow the above-mentioned tricks to succeed in your examinations. To know more, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel –

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