How to Monitor the Online Activities of your Employee?

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Today internet is the answer to every question and doubt a person has. People tend to use internet even for tedious tasks. Even teenagers and children are more inclined towards internet games and stuff rather than outdoor games. But at the same time, internet is a very volatile as well as hostile medium for children to get access to bad influence very easily. Though they might not to anything deliberately but it is quite lucrative for children.

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So what should Employers and Parents do?

The employee monitoring software is there to help parents/employers combat this issue. For working parents or anybody else for that matter cannot always monitor what their kids are up to while using the internet. So keeping a tab on their online activities has become a necessary option for the parents so as to avoid any unnecessary problems in the future. The difference between what is fake and what is real is quite difficult to combat not only for children but for adults as well. Even in the business world, monitoring the online activities of the employees has become the utmost concern of the employers. Employers are always concerned about the fact that their employees might waste the most productive time on social media sites or doing some online activities. They also want to avoid any kind of illegal activities that may arise.

Monitoring Software helps to monitor almost all types of internet activities and you should know the right monitoring software for this purpose. They can record the passwords of social networking sites and also keep a record of the chat history. People can even use trigger keyword option. In this if a child or employee uses a certain keyword on the internet which were fed by the employer or a parent, an alarm will trigger. The employee will not be able to use that keyword and the software has the mechanism to inform the employers as well. It keeps a track of the browser’s history as well. It works in a stealthy mode i.e. the employee will never be able to make out that they are being monitored. It also sends reports about the computer/internet usage also.

It is undetectable by various local firewalls. Even if employee get hold on to this software and try to uninstall it, it has a mechanism to avoid it as well i.e. it provides protection from uninsatllation as well. They have professional techniques to avoid the firewalls.

Internet is a place where people have access to anything and everything just with a click. When a person goes online where do they go or what exactly they do can’t be always monitored. But with softwares like spytector, it is possible for us to keep a tab on the internet activities now. With these softwares employers can easily keep a check on their employees and also ensure that they aren’t doing anything wrong or unnecessary work on the internet.

Spytector provides one of the best softwares to help parents and employees keep a track of the online activities of their employees or children. One can read in depth about the software on

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