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Finding an agency is important in most industries that require talent. Whether you’re looking for the performers or are an aspiring one you’ll need a good agency to bolster you as you endure through the trials that will inevitably be thrown at you. For such an important and momentous decision, being educated about this process will only benefit you on your path to prosperity.

Right Agency

The right agency may not always be next door

There are many agencies out there, with the largest companies tending to be situated in capital cities; in England’s case London is the obvious destination to start looking for top quality service. Having said this, there are many local agencies that can be just as suitable though. Thanks to the power of the Internet the distance between you and the target is of less importance because of email and Internet based communication. Be sure to browse your options and really find the best fit for you wherever you are.

The approach

Most agencies are unlikely to work with inexperienced amateurs, but if they do may require a higher fee in return. If they’re accepting absolutely anyone for a set price, you may want to research them further to make sure you’re going to get the best experience and service that’ll suit you for your intentions and career. Training, audition experience and potential are all factors that voice over agencies will consider if it isn’t a clear-cut decision either way based on your history.

Your demo

Ensure that you have a highly developed demo reel, or at least a lot of previous material to give to the agency so that they can compile strong and far-reaching example material to showcase you.

Agencies will generally respond positively to your demo reel by offering you their services and taking you on as a client. However if you don’t hear back from them or get a rejection, it is unlikely in this business that you’ll find out why unless asking persistently. It is important in this regard to take it on the chin and overcome it to move on, it may have been a blessing.

Another important aspect of your demo is that it should be tailored specifically to your strengths. If you are primarily involved in voice over recording, then make sure the samples on the reel reflect that. If you are prominently entrenched in foreign language voice over, then a demo that has only English on it will be misleading and detrimental to you.


When dealing with agencies, be careful when paying in advance and make sure you understand their operating and marketing style. If they’re providing services such as producing your demo and submitting you to voice acting shortlists/directories then any charges up front aren’t unreasonable. The lesson is to be responsible and aware of what you’re paying for so you don’t have to experience this the hard way.

Breaking into the industry will not be without its difficulties without preparation and working for a lower rate or even as part of an internship for free may be a way to get your foot in the door! No one enjoys not being rewarded for their work, but thinking of the long-term gains and how they outweigh any current objectives should provide a strong motivating factor in going down this avenue.

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