How to Find the Default Gateway IP Address?

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Every user of computer has to gain knowledge of the role of every resource in the computer network in detail. This is because they can take advantage of all these resources efficiently. Almost every resource in the computer network is identified by a unique address namely Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Default Gateway IP Address

This numerical label is very helpful to each resource for communicating with each other in the computer network and the World Wide Web.  There are two principal functions involved in the IP address. These functions are location addressing and network interface identification.  An IP address is used to indicate

  • What we seek
  • Where it is
  • How to get there

Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) is the main system designed by Internet Protocol designers for defining a 32-bit number.  Nowadays, Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is used. This new version uses 128-bit instead of 32-bit used by IPv4.  All IP addresses are managed by the IANA – Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.  This panel assigns blocks of IP addresses to Internet Service Providers otherwise known as local Internet registries.

Many individuals search for the role of the ip address nowadays.  This IP address is one among the default IP addresses of routers. Many organizations and users of home broadband networks make use of this private IP address.  Routers with the default IP address are very helpful for those who wish to manage each resource in the computer network perfectly.

France Telecom Services Offers uses IP address and Internet from the Orange ISP. This router IP address aids in the most efficient performance of the computer networking.  Thus, many users of routers nowadays try to gain knowledge of this IP address eagerly.

A gateway

A gateway is an important network point. This entity acts as a doorway to another network. Every resource in the computer network is called as a node. Each node can be either a host node or a gateway node.

Host nodes are computers used by Internet users and computers that act as servers.  On the other hand, gateway nodes are computers used to control the whole traffic within the particular network or at the local Internet Service Provider.

A default gateway

A default gateway plays the most significant role in the computer networking. This node has the most excellent stuff to know how to steer packets from one network to another network efficiently.

There is a default route setting in many nodes like network devices, workstations and servers of the TCP/IP network. These nodes are pointing to the default gateway and defining where they have to send data packets by using IP addresses.  In general, the gateway is a router because it routes data packets from the sender node to the receiver node by using IP addresses.

Cable router or DSL router in the home network or small office environment is used to connect the local network to the Internet.  These resources act as the default gateway for every resource in the network.  The default gateway only supports each resource to communicate with any resource in the Internet.

Every default gateway forwards data packets from the sender node to a series of default gateways in the Internet towards the receiver node. These default gateways act as firewalls and proxy servers individually.

Know the IP address of the default gateway

The default gateway is usually a router in the business network and home network. The web based management of the router is very important to troubleshoot any genre of network problem.

Every default gateway has a private IP address. This private address is mostly assigned to the router in the computer network.  The default gateway or router uses this private IP address for communicating with the local home network every time.

You may have geared up to identify the IP address of your default gateway and seek how much time required for this process. You have to spend no more than a few minutes for identifying the default gateway IP address on your own.

Large networks use more than one router, an array of network hubs and different gateways to deal with the most complicated routing. If you have small business network or home network of wired or wireless type, then you can listen to the following details. You will get the most expected support to be aware of the private IP address of the default gateway or router.

  • Open Control Panel
  • Click on the Network and Internet link or Network and Internet Connections link.
  • Click on Network and Sharing Center link or Network Connections link
  • Click on Change adapter Settings link or Manage network connections link
  • Locate the relevant network connection on the Network Connections screen
  • Double-click on the network connection
  • Click on Details… button in the Connection’s Status Window. If you use Windows XP, click the Support tab and get the Details… button.
  • Locate the IPv4 Default Gateway or advanced version available under the Property column.
  • Now, IP address is listed as the property’s Value. This IP address is the default gateway IP address used by your Windows operating system currently.

You can make use of this default gateway IP address to troubleshoot a connection problem and access the router directly. You can also perform other tasks when you use this IP address properly.

A simple method 

If you like to use a simple method and find the default gateway IP address, then you can use the ipconfig command in the command prompt as follows.

  • Open the Command Prompt
  • Type in ipconfig
  • Execute the command
  • Take note of the default gateway IP address under the most relevant connection

You may prefer the wired connection and seek the IP address of the default gateway. You will get a list of details of IP addresses of various resources in ipconfig results. For example, you can get the Link – local IPv6 address, IPv4 address, subnet mask and default gateway IP addresses.  This simple method gives you the best support to be aware of the default gateway IP address.

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