How to Do Content Marketing the SEO Way?

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Gone are the days when content used to be a cottage industry, today content is like hot cake! While earlier, it used to be associated with a small group of bloggers, now it is a major marketing tool. Whether it is a mid-sized company or a giant one, everyone is making use of content in various forms to make a mark in the minds of the audience. Today, you can find several specialist content marketing agencies that use several kinds of SEO tools to provide the optimal SEO services.

SEO Content Marketing

While it is absolutely necessary to implement smart tactics for optimizing content, one should not really lose sight of the big picture, which is, the people who read your content and the people who search things on search engines are the same. This in other words means that you should not just worry about getting people to your site, but also make them stay there. For doing this you need to follow the tips mentioned below.

  • Original and engaging stories are winners always

Compromising on the quality of content is a strict no-no in search engine optimization. You should always try to publish stories that people find interesting and shareable. This is the simplest and most organic way to win the SEO game.

This is exactly what Google has been begging you to do. During August, 2013 when the search engine giant found that users were looking for in-depth and quality content, it announced to give such content a better rank in Google.

  • Good headlines are necessary

A commonplace headline is equal to poison for publishers. Similarly, misleading headlines are also harmful for content marketing. Users absolutely hate it when they do not find in the content body what has been promised in the headline. After the initial reduction in clicks, search engines often do not find any point in driving traffic to your content.

Marketers will obviously enjoy a short phase of getting lot of clicks, with misleading headlines, but once users start getting disappointed and the bounce rate increases, search engines automatically understand that there is something wrong with the page, thus, brings down its rank. So, giving smart and attractive titles to your content is an absolute must.

  • Quality over quantity

If you are a marketer who have been publishing large volume of content at the cost of quality, then you should definitely rethink your strategy. Content marketers need to ponder on whether their content is providing any meaningful insights against a particular keyword or topic. If a website happens to have several pages which contain only variations of the same content, updating it with fresh content is necessary. Otherwise, the webmaster can not only lose the rank of a page but of the whole site as well.

  • Try optimizing both the page as well as the platform level

The pestering details like Meta tags and descriptions are much more than busy work. These help search engines know about your page. Not doing it properly can sabotage your content, leading to a drop in search engine rankings.

Beyond page-level production tactics, is the importance of intelligent platform technology, for the production of good content. Polishing H1 headers, HTML code, URL structures, server errors, and how code is loaded to pages, can help you boost organic search results to a great extent.

So, the moral of the story is to tell good stories; and do the work to ensure that those get discovered in the World Wide Web. Marketers should keep themselves up to date with the newest SEO techniques. Be patient with your efforts. Good rank is bound to come to you.

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Mark Joseph is an SEO executive and an advocate of Paradox SEO software tools. He has been in the field for the past 7 years. He is a pretty well-known blogger, with a huge number of followers.


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