How to control your Android device from PC

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The first thing you can try is a VNC (Virtual Network Computing), because if you think about it, your Android is just like a small computer. You can connect and network with other computers wirelessly, so the idea of doing it with a network of PCs is not so farfetched. It is possible to control your Android with your computer using a VNC, so long as you have installed the correct app on your Android.

control your Android device from PC

Controlling your Android from your PC

The question as to why is a common one. Gaming on your Android via your PC is a little silly, as it is slow. You may want to try a game with a bigger screen, but you may just have to get a life instead because the process of gaming with your Android via your PC is too slow. This is also true if you were planning on doing anything work related. But, if you have a PC (which is far more capable than an Android), then you would be a fool to work on your Android in the first place.

Setting up your email settings may be easier on your PC. It is also easier if you are doing something that requires a lot of text to be entered into your Android. It is always easier typing into a desktop computer. You may even do fun little things such as setting your Android alarm from your computer, especially if your Android is not near you at the time.

Install a VNC

As mentioned earlier, there are VNC severs that may be accessed very an Android app. You have to install the Android app so that you can then remotely control your Android from your PC. You have to be very careful as to which technology you use, because you are essentially giving full control of your device over to a piece of software. If you can access it remotely, then there is little stopping the creator from doing the same thing.

Once you have installed the app, then all you need to do is access the app on your phone via the Internet and you have control of your Android via your PC. Be wary of the apps that give you options as to how deep the level of control goes. Just because it says it is giving you access to your settings, does not mean it is impossible to gain access to your other phone/Android functions.

There are options if your Android has been rooted

There are actually more options if your Android has been rooted because it means you can get around more of the security protocols. There are more VNC servers available to you if you have had your Android rooted, but rooting an Android is a risky endeavor and is not advisable unless you are personally very good at programming and are fully able to understand all of the threads you may be pulling once you start messing around with your rooted Android.

USB Debugging on your Android

Your Android has been developed by a person on a PC. This means that the programmers probably want a way of debugging your Android from a PC. This means there is probably a USB Debugging setting that you can use to control your Android from your PC. Have a look in your settings menu. There is a chance that there is a function called “developer options”. If there is then you should enable the USB debugging setting, which will allow you to connect to your phone via your PC with a

USB wire.

There is a good chance that the developer tools are hidden in your menu. You will probably have to fish around online in order to find them. The galaxy S4 has its build or developer menus hidden as a default. Try tapping five times on the build number, as that works with some androids. Otherwise you will have to hunt around online and find out how to unlock the USB debugging on your phone.

Connect it to a Windows PC

Modern versions of Windows such as 7 and 8 will try to bridge the gap between technologies as best it can. Even if Windows cannot directly interface with the technology that has been attached, it will often give you Internet options so that you can download the piece of software needed to interface.

If you are lucky, you will be able to install the Android Developer Bridge. It is possible to download drivers that have this bridge. You may then interface with your Android via your PC. The most common use for this is to transfer data from your Android to your PC. But, if this fails, you can always transfer your data to the cloud, which will allow you to transfer it to your PC.

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