How to Connect your PS3 to a Wireless Network

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There are a wide variety of different reasons as to why you’d want to connect your PlayStation 3 to your home wireless network. For starters, it allows you to play multiplayer games online instead of just with people in the same room. Secondly, it allows you to access the PlayStation Store and buy new games, game upgrades, download demos and more. You can now also watch films through Netflix and love film, rent movies, listen to music and even surf online (though a PC is still much better) Adding your PlayStation 3 to your home wireless network only takes a couple of minutes, so long as you know exactly what settings on your console you need to adjust and how you need to adjust them.

Connect your PS3 to a Wireless Network

Step 1

Locate and write down the password for your home wireless network. You’re going to need this password in order to provide your PlayStation 3 with the access it needs to connect to the Internet. Note that if your home wireless network is not password protected you do not have to complete this step.

Step 2

Turn on your PlayStation 3. Open the “Network Settings” option from within the “Settings” menu. Note that this is not the same as the “Network” option which is a part of the PlayStation 3’s main crossbar menu. The “Network” option relates to the PlayStation Network, while “Network Settings” relates to how your PlayStation 3 connects to the Internet.

Step 3

Choose the “Internet Connection Settings” option, followed by the “Easy” button on screen. A list of connection types will appear on your television set. Select “Wireless” to continue.

Step 4

Select “Scan” to tell your PlayStation 3 to search the area for available wireless networks. When a list of wireless networks is returned, select the one that is present throughout your home. Select the type of security that is in use by your network. If your network has no security, select “None.” Otherwise, choose between “WEP” and “WPA” based on the specifics of your network.

Step 5

Type your network’s password into the box on your television set. Select the “Save” option to save your settings. From here, select the “Test Connection” option. After a few seconds, a message should appear on screen reading “Test Successful.” This means that your PlayStation 3 was successfully added to your home wireless network. If you receive a “Test Failed” message, retrace your steps to find the problem.

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