How Digital Printing Services Can Be Useful Nowadays?

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In the industry of the print marketing, the integration of the print applications is increasing with high quality prints and the positive response rates. The digital printing services are providing remarkable values as you can trust them with your printing requirements. The business needs can be fulfilled within the budget and the specific time according to the client’s demands.

Digital Printing

Direct to Output Device: Digital printing is different from the traditional printing in various ways. Pre-press operations are not required for the digital printing. The content is directly transferred from the computer to the output device. The printing takes place in digital formats like PDF, EPS, PPML, Post Script etc. right from the beginning to the end of the printing process.

Connection of Tools and Ink Delivery: The output devices like the ink jet printers are specially designed with ink and a proper ink delivery system. Different digital press can posses different ink delivery system. The tools and the equipments are also product specific in nature. The tools and the ink delivery system can be connected in various ways.

Short Run Printing: As the digital printing follows the process of short run printing, the cost of each copy can be decreased easily. If the printing activities run from a handful to a large volume like several thousands, then digital printing can be considered as the most cost effective method. The startup costs are minimal in nature compared to the traditional printing process. The offset printing can be less expensive when the press is running longer.

Fast Turnaround: This can be considered as one of the essential advantages of the digital printing process. If the prepared output can be provided to the print suppliers, the digital prints can be obtained within a few hours without any further processing. No time is required for drying the ink after the print is done. The print comes ready for the cutting, folding and other binding activities.

Standard Sizes and Weights: If you use standard sizes and weights and specific types of paper, the digital printing should be the best option for you. But if you require textured, heavy weight or light weight papers, then offset printing process can provide you with wide range of papers.

Avoid Large Inventory: When you need frequent changes in the product specifications for advertisement, digital printing is a better option for you. It will help you to avoid large inventories of the catalogs and the sales brochures. The up to date specifications with the photographs can easily be printed as and when required. The print suppliers can guide you to decide whether the digital will be more cost effective than the offset litho.

Color Reproduction: If you want accurate or near to accurate colors for your final output, you can rely on the digital printing. The quality of the color reproduction through this process is much satisfactory than the offset printing.

Some other benefits of using the digital printing technology can be:

  • Low production and set up costs
  • High quality print with high response rates
  • Printed materials are delivered very fast
  • Cost effective with high marketing impact
  • No wastages
  • Printing and customization can be done according to your needs

The digital printing has literally changed the face of the printing industry. The appearance of the business cards, banners, covers of books and other materials have completely renovated with this method. Without employing the pre press operations, the digital printing technology can be processed directly through the output devices. It is a very cost effective method with great marketing impact.

About the Author: Anthony Sylvester is a well known print supplier. In this article he discusses some benefits of using the digital printing services in modern printing industry.


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