How Did The Alarm Clock Get Invented? [Infographic]

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When it wakes you up punctually on Monday morning, you might hate your alarm clock. You might hit it and smash it to the ground when it disturbs your peaceful slumber. But we cannot ignore the fact that alarm clocks are a useful tool. Where would we be without alarm clocks? (Probably unemployed, for one thing!)

The people at Online spent a lot of time and effort tracing back the origins of the alarm clock, and their results can be found in the cool info graphic below entitled, “The History of Alarm Clocks”. We like several things about this info graphic, including the witty reference to the fact that the Snooze Button might indeed be the work of the devil…

But don’t take our word for it…take a look at this visually appealing info graphic, which shows that the modern alarm clock actually has its roots in such primitive early clocks such as sundials and water clocks! We never knew that alarm clocks could be so cool!

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