How Apple is Reinventing Its Target Market WIth the Newest Phone Release

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In the past, the iPhone has been geared toward the tech-savvy individual wanting the latest and greatest in mobile phone technology. While nearly everyone seems to have in iPhone, the main appeal seemed to be too European and American customers. After Apple expanded from offering the iPhone only through AT&T to offering the phone on nearly every wireless network available, the popularity (and sales) of the phone skyrocketed even higher. But now, with the new iPhone 5c, it appears Apple is reaching even further.


Colour Me Happy

Many people are thrilled to see iPhone come out with a new phone that is just as functional as its other models, but far more attractive. Gone is the steel casing that iPhones are so well known for. Instead, say hello to a lacquered plastic case in a variety of bubblegum-like colours, including pink, green, blue, and yellow. Not only are some audiences thrilled by the attractive physical qualities of the phone, but they’re tickled pink over the price, as well. Most carriers offer the phone at just $99, which is a welcomed change from the astronomical prices iPhones have come to be associated with.

New Look, New Market?

But just who is Apple trying to reach with the new phone offering? The colors are certainly attractive to younger audiences, but with so many teenagers (and even younger children) owning and operating iPhones, it’s hard to imagine that Apple would need to reinvent its product line to reach the teens and tweens audience. It appears that Apple is aiming to reach China and other countries in the region where phones are subsidized, like they are in most of Europe and America. The colours are very well received in those countries, as the vibrant look is integrated throughout pop culture in China, Singapore, and countries throughout Asia. In other words, Apple is reaching to a broader audience than it already has, and hoping to convince others to hop on board the Apple train.

Budgetary Bliss

Of course, whether intentionally or as a happy accident, the iPhone 5c is reaching an entirely new audience that previously found iPhones unattainable because of their steep costs. Even subsidised, iPhones typically run up into the $400 and $500 range, and without the subsidy they can be seen for $650 and higher. But at a comfortable price of $99 for the 16G and just $199 for the 32G, Apple is bringing the technology of the iPhone to those for whom it was a bit out of reach in years past. In fact, many people are trading in their old phones for cash, which you can do on this website, in order to purchase the now affordable iPhone 5c.

Whether you love the colour, the price, or you just want a change from the phone you have now, iPhones are now accessible. Though Apple is seeking to reinvent its market and reach out to China and other countries, the 5c is also raising interest in those who previously found the iPhone too stale and technical, and the vibrant colours are popular across markets. Although some say that the iPhone hasn’t made the impact Apple was aiming for in China and other locations, more time and observation is required before anything can be conclusively stated. Regardless, the iPhone will likely continue to be popular for many years to come.

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