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In the current market of numerous web hosting services, finding an appropriate one is truly difficult. For many people even the best web hosts tend not to work perfect, while some non-reputed web host may provide the required service. It all depends on the perfect balance between what you need and what you have signed up for; too much or too less neither is better. The company Host1Plus kept a careful watch on all these aspects before they started their journey. All the packages they have are well designed, nearly identical to all reputed companies packages yet slightly different – to meet the altering needs of modern day web developers.

Shared Web Hosting

Like all other web hosting companies, Host1Plus expect to have a lot of customers signing up for the shared web hosting plans. They hadn’t been dissatisfied as many people actually have signed up for their four shared hosting plans – and most of them are actually pretty satisfied. The four plans by Host1Plus are called – Starter, Personal, Business and Business Pro. The names are almost similar to Bluehost hosting packages, but Host1Plus plans are way cheaper. Starter starts at $0.83/month, Personal costs $2.25/month, Business comes at $6.65/month and Business Pro is only $14.25/month. You get such low rate on Starter plan only by purchasing the hosting for 1 year, the other plans’ rates are set for 3 months contract.


The features vary by hard drive space and bandwidth. Unlike most companies, Host1Plus doesn’t offer ridiculous unlimited offers. Instead, they have put up an honest figure. For example, the Starter plan offers 1 GB of disk space and 50 GB bandwidth per month, while the Business Pro offers 100 GB disk space and practically unlimited bandwidth. Number of domains varies as well; Starter gets only 1 while Business Pro gets as many as customers need.

Dedicated Web Hosting

There are six dedicated hosting plans from Host1Plus, and they are all very vastly described. Everything is transparent like the CPU, RAM, hard drive space, monthly bandwidth etc. so that a customer won’t regret after purchasing a plan. The Celeron plan offers 4-16 GB of RAM and 8 TB HDD space at most. The bandwidth is 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps at most and this plan is priced at $34.50. One mid-level plan is built with Core i5 CPUs, 8-32 GB of RAM, 24 of highest TB and highest 10 Gbps bandwidth, this plan costs $72.50. The highest priced plan costs $189.00 and it offers Xeon processor setup with 32 GB RAM, 24 TB HDD etc.

VPS Hosting

Host1Plus had a successful head start in VPS hosting business as well. They have four plans – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and their rates vary depending on the server location. The lowest price for Host1Plus VPS Hosting is Bronze plan for $2.50/month while the highest is $3.00/month. The Platinum plan servers range from $40/month to $45/month.


Reseller Hosting

For people looking forward to alternative earning, Host1Plus reseller hosting plans may be a good start. For only $15.47/month someone can get a Starter account, or $58.15/month all the way up for a Business Pro account. Depending on how good the customer’s distribution policy is, the return will be pleasant.

Service & Customer Support

The server uptime and other aspects were pleasant. There have been no exaggerated claims of 99.9% server uptime from the company, but they do their best to keep the servers running all the time. During our test our websites were barely down or faced any technical difficulty. The customer service was reachable whenever we wanted.


For the pricing, every service this company provides was more than expected. Though the company is only a toddler yet, but you won’t regret the investment.


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