High-Tech Comfort: Five Modern Upgrades for Your Bathroom

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One of the main rooms visitors take interest in is the bathroom. A beautiful, luxurious bathroom is a jewel. Most bathrooms are spare, and very standard with an ordinary sink, tub and shower. Who says a bathroom can’t be an oasis? Turn your everyday bathroom into a high end spa, with these high-tech additions.

Bathroom Tech

Not Just an Ordinary Shower

With cascades of water heated to your personal preference, the beautiful, luxurious digital shower creates a heavenly bathing experience. You will be surrounded by jets of water from any angle you desire. Digital showers can be personally customized to whatever water pattern and temperature you prefer. It can be set from a touchpad mounted in the shower, or by remote control.

Chromatherapy Bathtub

Right out of the Future, Chromatherapy (color therapy) tubs have 8 brilliant, jewel like colors that illuminate the water for a calming or invigorating experience. Good for enhancing the ambiance of your private sanctuary. With these innovation you will be sure to help soothe or change your mental state into one of extreme comfort.

Television/Medicine Cabinet

Never be bored with your morning routine again. Imagine being able to apply make-up or shave while getting caught up on the news, updated on the weather, or entertained by your favorite morning TV hosts. The television/medicine cabinet boasts a sleek mirrored door with LCD TV, approximately 8 inches wide. Includes an MP3 hookup so music can be played through the cabinet plus two outlets to plug your shaver or hair-dryer into.

No Touch Sink Faucet

Going for comfort but don’t want to get your hands dirty? With this kind of upgrade there will be no more germy handles to turn! Imagine getting a flow of water with just one sweep of your hand, in your own bathroom. A touchless faucet is a perfect addition for the high-tech bathroom, allowing you to wash comfortably and easily. Try one in your own home, and fall in love with the ease and convenience.

Add A Little Sparkle

Encrusted with sparkling LED lights, a light up shower screen puts on a mesmerizing display as it transforms your shower to a beautiful light show, with dazzling colors and vibrant lights. Let your senses go wild as you indulge yourself in this high-tech masterpiece.

You don’t necessarily need to renovate your entire bathroom to add a touch of modern luxury. Sometimes one easy modification such as the ones listed above, is enough to add beauty, sophistication and elegance to your home bathroom. Enjoy a room that feels brand new and rejuvenated, for a fraction of the cost of remodeling. One beautiful focal point can make all the difference in the world.

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