Hands-On with Sony’s Downsized Flagship Phone, the XPeria Z1

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Sony made bold to buck a trend recently in Las Vegas.  It is at the Consumer Electronics Show in the Sin City that it did it by unveiling its Xperia Z1 Compact. This tech event had never been bestowed the honor of being the Launchpad for new phones. That is, until now!

Sony XPeria Z1

Not Unlike Z1

The Z1 Compact’s predecessor Xperia Z1 has lent not only its name to the Compact but also all its specs. Sony has clearly decided to cash in on its flagship Z1’s success unlike Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini or HTC One Mini which came into being as a matter of fact. Only the chasis in the Z1 Compact is a bit smaller than Z1at 4.3-inch display while the Z1 had a 5-inch display.

HD Videos

With 342 pixels per inch which is the result of screen resolution of 1280×720 pixels, you cannot expect a display as sharp as that of some other choice phones but it comes close in deed. Sony’s perfect Bravia television technology has been brought into play here. The Xperia Z1’s display is brilliantly bright with its rich color palette. This is made possible by the X-reality picture engine; Is it any wonder that HD videos are pleasant to watch on this phone?

Xperia Z1

Expect Improvements

The technological specifications include the Snapdragon 2.2GHz quad-core processor and the 16GB of storage (expandable with a micro SD card) and a 2,300mAh battery.  This will in probability go to make the battery last longer.  Why the company chose to run Android 4.3 instead of the improved version 4.4 KitKat is known only to it but it surely is a dampener.  Sony says it is going to affect updates in the software but it is not known when this is going to happen.

Feature Facts

Z1 Compact comes in many colors like fluorescent lime and pink. The set is encased in a water proof aluminum frame that is 1mm thicker than Z1. The shutter is smaller too and it might be easy to use the touchscreen controls than the shutters.

Original Xperia Z1

Camera Comparison

While the original Xperia Z1 is bigger but also heavier at 170g, the ZI Compact is lighter by 36g but is also smaller. It is hard to decide what aspect you should be more in favor of and choose the right one. Since the cameras are identical in both and when the tests have proved the camera in Z1 to be good and, it is safe to assume that the one in the Z1 Compact will also show the same result.

New Feature

What is new in Z1 Compact, however, is something called Xperia Transfer Mobile that can be used to transfer photos, bookmarks, contacts and apps directly and speedily from any Android or iOS device by NFC or cable.

Sony Xperia Series

High-end Phone

A high-end phone which you cannot find on any other phone is found in Z1. Sony will probably release the phone in mid-February but has said nothing about its price though hinted that it will be some half-way between Z1 and other “Mini” phones. Would it then be around $400? We will know soon!

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