Gold Plated Xbox-One: Because You Deserve a $10k Console

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When Xbox One came into the market in May last year, replacing Xbox 360, it soon became a hit with gamers. The price was not of much consequence. In fact, to some it hardly mattered. For, the gaming console was worth every penny you paid for it. Now comes the solid gold improvement.  The device is actually coated with real gold.

Gold Plated Xbox

Golden Utility

Pure, 24 carat gold adorns the piece. The glitter can fascinate your friends and foes alike. The price, again, is not really too much to pay if you are particular about quality. At some $10,000, it should satisfy the discerning customer. The only drawback, if you could call it that, is that it does not sport a gold controller which makes it somewhat incongruous. However, it is not a collector’s item. It has its utility written all over it.

The All-in-one Entertainment

The all-in-one entertainment console enables you to watch TV channels through it. You are able to manipulate or control cable arrangements or satellite cables, TV and the receiver. You can see the improvements Microsoft has made to its new toy. The graphics have been improved compared to box 360.

The Glitches

On the downside, TV integration is not one would call smooth. If you expect the kinect voice commands to be obeyed all the time, you will see that they don’t. The dashboard does not have a clarity that one would wish it were. A full DVR integration is not in place. It is costlier than PS4 by $100. Halo-caliber? That is sadly missing.

Price Factor

The lack of smooth voice control and the higher price work against Xbox One if juxtaposed against Play Station 4. If you are prudent enough and also not given to enthusiasm of buying up every new gadget, you would want to wait for improvements to take place.

Easy Operation

Your need for using different devices for different entertainment avenues right in your living room is done away with when you have Xbox One. Gaming, Skyping, live TV and online streaming can all be achieved with this one device. The hardware includes all the facilities.

Gold Plated Xbox1


Whether you want it or not, your Xbox One will possess the second generation Kinect. That is what enables remote extender, voice control microphone and motion sensor to be put to use.  The troublesome DRM as well as the “No Used Games” stipulation have been given a go by. This was a feature found in the announcement for the gaming console but has not been oncluded in the final product.

You Decide

The average age of gamers is 37 and that makes most gamers matured enough not to fall prey to curiosity. You may want to wait before you made the plunge.  On the other hand, you do not want to be seen as not up-to-date and lagging behind in the trends department.  If you can afford it, you go ahead and become a proud owner of  gold plated Xbox One.

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