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Any desktop computer or laptop can easily burn DVD and CD media in a matter of minutes. However, producing multiple discs can become problematic when using a single computer. It may takes hours to burn dozens of DVDs by using a single computer optical drive. Anyone looking for quick and efficient mass disc copying can benefit from a disc duplicator device. A duplicator is essentially a piece of equipment designed with the specific task of mass producing copies of CDs and DVDs. Such a device has a tower design that stands alone just like a desktop computer tower.

DVD Duplicator devices

A DVD duplicator has an optical disc opening for inserting an original DVD and another optical disc section for inserting empty DVDs. Some advanced duplicators have multiple optical drives that can accept several empty discs simultaneously. For residential and small scale commercial use, a tower with only a few burner optical drives is sufficient.

There is no need to be an experienced digital media producer when burning DVDs and CDs in bulk. A duplicator tower has advanced features that quickly make copies of discs in a matter of minutes. A simple test/fail feature lets users know that burning is done successfully. Duplicator towers can burn at various speeds depending on the type of disc media that is used. For example, 24 x is considered a fast burning speed for DVDs and 48 x is considered a fast writing speed for CDs. DVD Duplicators are also available in different SDRAM specifications such as 64MB and 128MB. The SDRAM simply reflects the amount of short term memory that these devices can store while making copies of discs.

The power rating of a DVD duplicator depends on the size of the device. A tower with a single burner is usually rated under 100 Watts but a large tower with five burners can use up several hundred watts during duplication. Users should carefully select the right duplicator size to avoid wasting precious electricity that could add up quickly in the monthly utility bill.

Summation Technology is an example of a company that offers a variety of DVD duplicator devices. The disc duplicating towers are available for light use or heavy duty commercial application featuring more than a dozen burners. DVD Printers and other related equipment can also be used to label and create graphic designs on all types of digital media discs including Blu ray.


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