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The Internet is a vast field of fantastic tech tools and apps that help computer users in many ways: speeding up their work, strengthening their online presence, improving their Internet presentation (websites, blogs, any sort of data visualization, etc.).

Conversion tools are a special set of helpful software without which we cannot imagine working on the net. They help us translate scanned image to editable text, video to audio, one electronic format to another.


PDF converters are especially useful among conversion tools because the Portable Document Format is one of the most widespread formats on the web, precisely because of its “portable” nature: it is more compressed that its original file and it can be viewed on any computing platform.

Some users prefer advanced PDF management software with many useful features like securing PDF files, branding/waterproofing the document, OCR conversion, etc. Such professional tools usually come at a certain price, so people who cannot afford or don’t need premium PDF management features opt for basic, quick and free online tools.

One such very convenient tool is the Free Online PDF Creator that can convert many different Windows document formats to PDFs. It comes in handy in situations when MS Excel data reports, PowerPoint presentations, CV’s in .doc format and similar documents need to be sent to bosses, clients, professors or potential employers, to ensure proper viewing of these files.

The best feature of the Free Online PDF Creator, beside its attractive cost-free component, is its simplicity of use. In order to create a PDF using this tool, users only need to upload their file, provide their email address and click the Start button. A direct link to their downloadable PDF is sent to their mail address in less than a minute.

The Free Online PDF Creator comes as a great alternative tool for people who can quickly make PDFs on the go without the hassle of installing new software.

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