Free Data Recovery Software – It Can be Called a Life Saver

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There have been times in our lives when we accidentally delete some really important files from our pc or laptops. Most of the people get tensed, when such an incident happens. They try numerous options to recover their data, but all their effort goes in vain. And this panic does not lead them to anywhere, and instead, they end up getting stressed and in loss.


And this situation happened with me!!!

For getting rid of this problem I used EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard which is a free data recovery software for Windows as well as Mac users. This is a software which helps its user to recover the files that they have accidentally deleted or they have deleted it earlier but want it again, the data is lost or has been formatted. It can be a file of anything. An audio file, video file, word file, excel file etc.

However, there are a few steps to keep in mind for installing and using this software.

You need to run the exe. Files to install the software and follow the steps which will be shown for installing. The steps are very easy to follow with no complications. After the steps are followed correctly. The software is ready to run smoothly on your pc or laptop. And you are ready to restore your files.

After the software has been installed, the user should go through it and see what all stuff is there in store for him and in how many ways this software can be beneficial to him.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is extremely easy to use and user-friendly. Another plus point is that that the users can make it more user-friendly by customizing the software according to their needs and requirements.

To recover deleted files one needs to go to the homepage and choose what type of file you want to recover like audio, video or graphics. Then find where have you lost your data and select the location where you want the EaseUS to look for the data.

There is an option of Quick Scan and Deep Scan. The Quick Scan scanes the folder in less time and gives you the result and the deep scan scans each file in the folder deeply, taking a little more time. Once the scanning and recovery progress starts, it also allows you to pause the progress and resume after some time.

Once you have your results, you can filter and filter the files you want to recover. The user also has an option to choose all the files from the result at once and recover them. And there you have your recovered files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard isn’t just a free data recovery software, it’s can be called a lifesaver.  I have saved mine and now this is your time!


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