Five of the Latest Developments in Automobile Technology

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Buying a new car is incredibly exciting, but it also represents a significant investment. It’s important to make the right decision, and your choice deserves some thinking about. With so much in the way of recent technological developments, here are a few of the latest innovations to help fuel your car buying fantasies and offer you a little inspiration. From the weird to the wonderful, the practical to the fantastical, here are five inventions to enthuse you…

Developments in Automobile Technology

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#1: Driverless Cars

Driverless cars are big news at the minute, and although they’re probably out of your budget, we all enjoy daydreaming from time to time. Unveiled by Google at the end of last year, these self-driving machines are controlled by a system of sensors and computers. Perfect for the futuristic safety nut, this amazing innovation is intended to decrease the frequency of road accidents, and reduce congestion on roads.

Google Self Driving Car

#2: Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

An equally exciting invention is vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The pet project of the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this technology will enable light vehicles to communicate with one another, ultimately helping to avoid collisions and make the roads a safer place to be. The data exchanged includes everything from speed to position, to help make road accidents a thing of the past.

#3: Pre-Collision Technology

Another neat safety innovation is pre-collision technology. Currently being developed by manufacturers such as Ford and Hyundai, it helps drivers to detect blind spots, and sends them alerts when they’re not paying attention to the road. It can even detect them falling asleep at the wheel, and affect braking all by itself to avoid dangerous situations.

#4: The Smart Car

Another brainchild of Google is the up-and-coming smart car revolution. Supported by telematics software known as ‘Android Auto’, these intelligent vehicles will allow drivers to access GPS, maps, music, weather, and a host of other applications via their dashboard. A slew of carmakers are expected to market this exciting technology, including big names like Audi, Bentley, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, and Volvo.

#5: Start-Stop Technology

Finally, how about a car with start-stop technology? This clever invention automatically shuts down engines whilst they’re idling, helping to cut CO2 emissions, reduce the environmental impact of driving, and decrease your fuel costs month-on-month – clever, resourceful, and cost-effective in one. What’s more, all you need to do to kick-start your engine back to life is press a button.

The future of driving is about to be revolutionized; make sure that you’re a part of it.


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