Five Movie or Game Inspired Cosplay Ideas

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Comic book conventions started years ago as a bunch of passionate nerds getting together in a small place and literally trading and selling comic books. These conventions would be unrecognizable to the attendees of today’s massive con’s, which have essentially become colossal pop-culture cons. The nerds of yesteryear could have never imagined how popular these conventions would become.


Of course, those who attend these conventions know that one of the most exciting parts of them is the cosplay. Dressing up as characters from video games, comic books, and movies is extremely entertaining. Below are some manageable cosplay ideas for your next convention.

Han Solo

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite scruffy looking nerf herder, Han Solo. Star Wars is arguably more popular then ever with the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney, and attending as a Star Wars character is a great idea for any convention. Just wear a long sleeved collared shirt, the right looking black vest, pants with some red striping, a pair of boots, and bingo! Add accessories for even more fun!


Mario might be the single most recognizable icon in gaming history, and for that reason, he is always a safe bet for a simple but effective costume. The toughest part with Mario is the hat, but anyone with any sort of craft skills can replicate it by purchasing a regular red hat and making the M on the hat with materials purchased from a craft store. Just add overalls over a long sleeve red shirt; white gloves; brown shoes; and a black mustache. You could also dress as Luigi for the same amount of effort.

Lara Croft

This one is strictly for the ladies, unless any guys out there have a good sense of humor or just want an excuse to show some leg. The Tomb Raider franchise had a massive reboot recently and made the game’s iconic character, Lara Croft, extremely popular again. The classic look really only requires a blue tank top, some brown shorts, boots, and fake guns, which could likely be purchased at a toy store. For those with shorter hair, a wig may be in order, because Croft sports a long ponytail.

Marty McFly

Back to the Future came out nearly 30 years ago and is still a major fan favorite. Aside from the DeLorean, Marty may be the most recognizable thing from the series. Fortunately, the costume isn’t all that difficult to manage. Just get blue jeans, a plaid shirt, a long sleeve jean jacket, white Nike’s, and of course, that red puffy sweater vest. There are also a ton of accessory opportunities with Marty, such as a skateboard, or, if you really want to impress your peers, a hover board to go along with the get up.

Morph Suits

If all else fails, morph suits are a one-piece costume that are always easy and fun. There are a lot of readily available variations to choose from. Whoever you end up dressing as, have fun!

This article was written by game blogger Matt Keith.  He’s happy to share these and cosplay ideas for teens and adults alike.  See you at the next convention!

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