Five Affordable Chinese Smartphones that can Compete with iPhone

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The topic of this article may sound like a joke, but i will like to tell you that Chinese Smartphones producing company are now in competition with the world leading smart phones producers. Unlike in the past that Chinese brands and products are known for imitating others. The Chinese are well known throughout the world as imitators of popular devices from leading manufacturers but in this article I will like to show clearly the latest development that has started in the Chinese Smartphone manufacturing companies.

Chinese Smartphones

The Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer has ceased to be simple imitators of popular Smartphone manufacturer but instead the Chinese Manufacturing Companies has come to show the world what they got in the sense that they have come to meet up with the standard of other Smartphone in the market. Not just this alone but the Chinese Smartphone Manufacturers has come with great Smartphone with affordable prices that users all around the world can afford.

Today, they can offer their users low price Smartphone built and designed in their own unique way without imitating other firm design. Chinese Smartphone comes with great features, unique personal design and support of the latest Android versions. What more, the Chinese Smartphone is worth buying because they come with specs like that of iPhone 4S and with the benefit of low or affordable prices. Listed below are the Affordable Chinese Smartphone that can compete with iPhone:

XIAOMI M1 $245

Xiaomi M1 is one of the best selling devices in China. The phone comes with the latest specifications you can expect in a Smartphone.

Xiaomi comes with a 4 inches screen display, an ASV Touch screen,. It was built with a dual core 1.5 Ghz processor. The Xiaomi camera is astonishing, having 8MP Camera with a LED FLASH. The OS is MIUI operating system which is an alternative for Android2.3 with a 3G connection for internet plus Wi-Fi, WLAN.


The Meizu MX 4 is indeed a Smartphone that can compete with any other Smartphone because of its exciting features.
Meizu MX 4 has 3G Connection for internet. The phone is Micro-SIM enabled. Meizu comes with a powerful display type of ASV capacitive touchscreen, 16M colours, 640×960 pixels, 4.0inches and multitouch screen and a powerful camera of 8MP with led flash light. Meizu Mx audio features can not be overlooked, it has 3.5mm jack with stereo speakers. Internal memory of 16GB with 1GB RAM. WI-Fi connection available plus Wireless LAN. The battery cannot be remove. Meizu Operates on Android OSv2.3.5.


This is really a good Chinese Smartphone that you will love to wring your hand on. Beidou was designed with essential features for the benefit of users.

The screen display is 4.7inch with Resolution of 1280×720 and Size 138×70 10.3mm. Beidou was built with 1.3GHz processor. The phone comes with two powerful cameras, the front camera is 2MP and the rear camera 8MP for a clear shot. Beidou has 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM in built memory. Beidou operates on OS Android 4.1 Jelly bean with the battery life of 2000mAh

JIAYU G3 $210

This Phone comes with distinct features that makes it very popular among the Chinese Smartphone. Jiayu also come in a very slim shape and this has make users to call it different names- the thinnest Smartphone.

Jiayu is 3G phone with operating system OS Android 4.0.  A Dual sim card phone built with 1.0GHz processor. It run on ROM 4GB and RAMof 1GB. Jaiyu Screen display is very interesting, a 4.5 inches screen covered with a gorilla glass. GPS for Map and Wi-Fi connection is available for internet. To sum it up Jiayu Comes with two different cameras, the rear Camera 8MP and the Rear Camera is 2MP with lead flashlight.


This is the last Chinese Smartphone I will like to talk about here. Oppo Finder is a Smartphone with uniqueness because of its following features.
Oppo operates on OS Android4.0. Display screen size 4.3 inches with super AMOLED plus, touch screen. The cameras cannot be left out without say something on it. Oppo is having two cameras the rear and the front camera, the rear camera is 8MP and the front one is 1.3MP. Wi-Fi is available on Oppo Finder. The space for Phonebook on Oppo is over 10000. The in built memory is 16GB RAM/16GBROM and the battery life is 1500mAh.

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