Facebook Thinking to Incorporate Live Streaming Video Service for All

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These days, you could not find out people who have no Facebook account for them that much the Facebook is getting popular day by day because of its innovations in its haves every now and then. Facebook has so many new and easy to use features on it. Besides those services, Facebook is now thinking to afford their users, a new service called live streaming video. Yes, Facebook is thinking to indulge this service and let their users enjoy the video streaming that too lively.

Along with the normal users, celebrities and other high profile or reputed personalities could also employ these services for some months. Live streaming video service through the mobile phone is turning out be a trend setting one these days. And this is why Facebook has decided to indulge this facility without letting down their users or making their users prefer other sites for using this facility. Earlier, Amazon has paid one billion dollar for this live streaming gaming facility.

Facebook Incorporate Live Streaming Video

Availability of this Service

Facebook has stated that, earlier this live streaming service will be available for small percentage of users alone in the United States of America and will be restricted to iPhone users. But within a while after, the company will make this facility available to all of the active Facebook users. But Facebook did not disclose or afford the unique timelines.

Facebook has dictated that, this live video streaming facility will allows the users to share the video or to show off the video whom you care and explain them what actually you are watching. As like the normal live streaming video, the Facebook live stream will also discloses the number of viewers has watched it, number of viewers has liked it and comments from the viewers with their names and the video will be available on the timeline of the users until they wish to delete it.

If you have set the live broadcast mode to “public”, the video you watch will be displayed on the timeline of the people whom you are friends with. It is up to you to decide whether or not to set the mode of the live stream as public or private. If you set the mode to “private”, only you could watch the video. But the video will be saved to your timeline and by that your friends could view it.

Also, Facebook has upgraded its service of photo collages. That is, it also permits their users to collage the videos and photos as of their wish and choice. Through the Facebook’s live streaming facility, a user could able to broadcast his child’s birthday party or fairy tale party within some minutes. Because of these advancements that the video service has, the users of the Facebook will be keen to enjoy this feature and they are eagerly waiting for the launch.

I am sure, once this facility comes out that is launched, Facebook will surely touch the height of the Everest without any doubts. But for enjoying this feature, you have to be patient for some time.


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