Email Address Verification: Why Everyone Sending Email Blasts Needs It

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In our modern world, email is the most efficient means of communication. The unique advantages of email are that it’s cheap, accessible and fast. Electronic files like text documents, photos, or data sheets can be quickly and easily sent. The permanent record of all files, data, texts, messages, documents etc. can be easily maintained and secured. But where there are pros there are also cons. Despite the benefits, there are many weaknesses of email that everyone should be aware of, and email address verification has become necessary.

Sending Email Blasts

Here are some of the risks of using email to communicate:

*The proliferation of spam.

*Viruses can easily spread through email attachments.

*There may be chances of reaching the wrong people.

There are many ways of detecting spam and checking for viruses and other malwares. Email address verification, for example, can easily analyze email addresses and remove fake, invalid and abandoned email within minutes. It’s a secure method that’s helping lots of individuals and businesses that send email marketing campaigns.

Benefits of email address verification

  • Remove invalid email addresses.

An email address verification system will scan an email list and remove invalid leads. By uploading the all the files in dashboard, one can check thousands and even millions of email addresses at once rather than one by one. An email verifier saves the time and money.

  • Removes bad emails or spam mails.

The system eliminates all potential risks to an email marketer’s sending reputation and deliverability. Dormant, disposable, catch-all and abuse emails are all removed in the blink of an eye, leaving the email list clean.

  • Easy to use.

An email address verification system is extremely easy to use and completes difficult tasks within seconds. We only have to upload the email list file and the results will be displayed very quickly.

  • High Accuracy.

A great email verifier should offer an accuracy of at least 96%.

  • Data security.

Email address verification systems should be GDPR compliant, thereby they value data security.

There are various plans for email verification, as per need and demand, depending on whether the customer wants an email verifier for one time or ongoing use. These plans are available at different rates, and the platforms usually have a customer support team available to offer help.


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