DVDFab DVD Ripper Review 2015

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What does one do when we want to save a DVD video into a hard disk? We usually just copy the video_ts folder from its original location and save it to our hard disk after renaming it. It’s easy right? No complications? But there is a flip side to it. Shifting the DVD video to a hard disk uses a large amount of memory and usually ends up wasting it. One more problem is that when one copies more than one video in single folder segregation while playing poses a problem. One more disadvantage arises is that one cannot play these videos in one’s portable devices! So what should one do? Ripping seems the best option then.


People who like to maintain a large collage or I should say a library of DVD’s should consider ripping as a option. It keeps your collection safe and you can treasure them. Converting DVD’s into a digital form is like giving them a new life. It transforms them. DVDFab DVD ripper is the best option to safeguard your library among the other best DVD rippers.

It comes with various DVDFab programmes. After installing and launching the programme one just has to select DVD ripper tool from all the applications. So to start ripping, one should insert the disk which they have to rip dvd. The program will start analyzing the DVD and automatically extract the required information. It will display all the extracted information on the application. People who would like to convert their individual videos into their desired format here is the right place for you. One can change the output videos into desired format like WMV, AVI, Apple, and Android. One can even select various subtitles if given in the DVD to be kept in the final output.

While setting up the video setting parameters, one can change the video setting resolution and aspect ratio as well. Cropping a video is also an option that is available. One can crop a video in the same window as well. One can even take care of various other factors like audio encoding, video name and title, bitrates and format encoding. When one is ready with all the configuration settings, just press start. And the ripping will start. Though ripping is a time consuming process as the quality and length of the video are the factors affecting it. But the result one gets is worth waiting for it.

The DVDfab DVD ripper is available for a 30 day trial period. After that you have to purchase it to further use it. One can use all the features in the trial period and then decide about purchasing it. This device is highly flexible. One can easily change formats. Ripping protected videos is not a problem anymore. The output quality is worth working it out.

But everything has a flip side to it. In the trial period, watermark of the ripper appears frequently in the output video which can be a bit frustrating. But after buying the product this problem no longer appears. So try it out in the trial period and if satisfied with the features BUY IT!

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