Do I Need, or Want, the iPhone 5?

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The hype for the iPhone goes on. Each time there is a new announcement from Apple, it will always be news. It would always make big headlines. This is especially true if we are talking the release of a brand new iPhone, the recently released iPhone 5.

iPhone 5

Sure, you might have real plans on actually buying an iPhone 5, but you have got to ask yourself first: “what in the world am I basing this decision on?”. Are you buying an iPhone 5 because you need it? Or would you just WANT the device? This isn’t really your direct guide in helping you with your final decision, but this article could at least confirm what you already know about why you are going to purchase an iPhone 5.

The Category of Need

If you think you need an iPhone 5, you might want to check out some of the reasons below, and confirm that what you are think is more or less near or the same with logic of these enumerations:

  • You own an iPhone 3GS or lower. Well, this scenario is really not that realistic if we consider that possibility that the owner is an Apple enthusiast. But anyway, if you own something lower than iPhone 4, please, make the shift already, iPhone 5 welcomes you heart-warmingly.
  • You need a good gaming smartphone. Honestly speaking, there are many other smartphones out there that are better for gaming spec-wise, but we really hard a hard time totally dismissing the iPhone 5 as a great choice. The processor might not look awesome, but when used in tandem with its GPU, you can enjoy games that might even be compared a tiny bit to PS Vita games. Oh, and if you plan to buy an iPhone 5 for this reason, why not invest a few cheap and affordable iPhone 5 covers to protect your “investment”?
  • You need a semi-automated phone with better cloud integration. What makes the iCloud slightly better than other cloud storage applications out there is that it has more integration in general. In fact, even the simple Notes app is connected to the cloud. Siri also adds a nice touch to the interface and accessibility of the phone web-wise.

The Category of Want

But then again, the iPhone is a smartphone that is already more than half-dipped into the realm of style. Many people might just want to buy an iPhone 5, particularly due to these key reasons:

  • You are an Apple product enthusiast. In other words, it is primarily your obligation to buy an iPhone 5. It doesn’t matter whether you had just bought their iPhone 4S a year ago, for you the iPhone 5 is a must-buy, regardless of whether it stays as a top player or not.
  • You are a consumer tech enthusiast in general. If you’re not a tech reviewer, then you have no chance of ever testing the iPhone 5 without pulling off a few hundred bucks. What’s the solution? To buy the product of course! That way you’ll be able to know and test everything that the newest iPhone can offer you. We also recommend buying a new set of original iPhone 5 covers. You know, the 7.6mm “thinness” might not support your older iPhone covers.

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