Discover How a Creative Agency Uses Inspired Ideas to Complement Digital Marketing

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The face of digital marketing has changed. The marriage between creative ideas and digital advertising has created a powerful marketing force. A successful creative agency in the modern day is one that has all of the technical and analytical skills in order to develop an effective marketing strategy. They also need to have a creative team, to ensure that the strategy is taken to the next level so that mass gains can be achieved.

This is something that is represented through content marketing. Content marketing is an important tool in the modern day. It lies at the core of all SEO campaigns and is an advertising method all businesses have a use for. However, it has changed dramatically over the past few years thanks to use of creativity and digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

Content marketing encompasses everything from articles, to infographics, to audio, to blog posts, to video, to landing pages, to podcast. Several years ago content was very much lacking in imagination and purpose. In fact, video marketing was very rarely used. It was written content that was at the fore, yet the content was very different from what we see today.

The former face of SEO content marketing was one that was centred on keyword intensive content. The pieces developed were of very little benefit to the reader. Keywords were not naturally implemented and thus the articles were not enjoyable to read. They also were on uninspired and dull subject topics. No research went into these pieces. Poor English and grammatical errors were the norm. In fact, duplicated content was rife too.

This is no longer the case. And it is not something that has merely happened naturally either. Google have aided this movement towards a creative and digital marketing world. They have put more stringent methods of ranking websites in place through their Penguin and Panda updates. Now websites of a poor quality will be ranked lower. Duplicated and low standard content is sniffed out and websites are punished for it.

So, what does this mean? Essentially, only the strongest survive. Masses of companies have had to completely change their marketing campaign as a result. Now only quality content is effective. Companies have to come up with innovative ideas. They need to use their creative side in order to come up with content that has not been seen anywhere else. Now all written work is innovative, informative and beautifully written.

We have also seen the likes of video marketing and infographics take off too. People respond better to visuals. Creative use of video can be found at the core of a lot of successful companies. They create demo videos about their new products, which seems to be extremely effective. Infographics provide quick, snappy and visually attractive ways of showcasing data. These two content mediums suggest companies are effectively using more creativity.

The marriage between digital marketing and creative ideas is one which won’t be ending in divorce anytime in the near future. A creative agency must recognize this, if it is to provide its customers with the highest level of advertising and branding today.

Sam Middleton, a digital marketing evangelist, has also co-founded creative agency in UK. He is passionate about his profession and likes to write blogs about current  trends of internet marketing.


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