Defining a Demographic Profile for an Effective SEO Marketing in Melbourne

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When it comes to localised SEO marketing in a sprawling urban area such as Melbourne, you need to have a clear demographic profile of the target customer as well. This is because large urban cities have a wide variety of people who see themselves differently, have differing goals and ambitions in life, and aspire for different types of services and products., therefore, considers it vital that businesses in Melbourne have a clear picture of their target customer before launching an online SEO based marketing campaign.

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Why Demographics Matters

When it comes to a large city, you will find that there are people with varying incomes, different age, gender, and race profiles all living in the same area. Each of them has their own aspirations and goals and is willing to spend varying amounts for the same products and services.

For instance, a young single professional in Melbourne who is highly educated and has a high income is likely to be ready to spend more on a hair styling product or even a haircut than a single mother juggling work, children, and a budget. Unless, you have a clear idea of exactly whom you are targeting as your potential customer, the money and time spent on the SEO campaign will be wasted as you will end up attracting visitors who will be unwilling or unable to make the purchase.

Research Based SEO

Before actually implementing a SEO based online marketing strategy you need to research your target customer and ensure that the content is tailored to appeal to them. When you are localizing the content, you need to ensure that it meets the local norms and can figure prominently when people in Melbourne search for the service or product you offer.

This can only be done by ensuring that the content is written and tagged appropriately. You need to ensure that the search terms and keywords used are those used by the residents of Melbourne. Additionally, many localities in any city have multiple names – one found in maps, and others used by locals. The search engine optimisation should take these factors into account to ensure that the content reaches the target audience.

Targeted SEO

In order to attain the best results for your marketing spending, you need to ensure that your search engine optimisation helps the search engines throw up your website when people from Melbourne are searching for your products and services. This can be done by using localisation experts who are aware of the nuances that search engines look for in order to provide the users with relevant results.

This means that businesses that have back links to other local review sites and can project themselves as a local authority figure are more likely to be featured high on search results. Search engine optimisation that targets Melbourne needs to ensure that the business has back links to local magazines, newsletters, and so on. Mentions by local bloggers and others will also help build the links to the website and increase its search engine rankings.


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