CometChat: Increase the user engagement on your website

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With advancement of web tools and online marketing, scope of online interface software and applications are increasing day by day in the market. People are more comfortable to communicate with an expert over chat than on toll-free phone numbers for hours. To engage website with more genuine traffic and honest customers website owners are adding real-time chatting software to their site. There are many creators who are providing ideal chatting software to users but CometChat is the best solution of all. Users who are visiting first time to your site find it difficult to search for a particular thing and thus, quest for a direct way to communicate with site side people. So CometChat is for the people who want to build a level of user engagement on their website and upgrade the experience of their guests. Consequently, picking an appropriate and well reasonable arrangement relies on upon the necessities of your site and increase a few extra merits by utilizing CometChat on your site.

What exactly is CometChat??

To fulfil the necessity of real-time chat platform on websites, CometChat taken the charge. CometChat is a reliable chat platform for websites which sufficiently coordinates with hosting plans like WordPress, Drupal and many more. It lets you know you about the detailed information of the clients who are seeking help from your site, no matter what is their region. This chat software has some remarkable features which makes it different from other relevant software’s presented in the market. It comes with numerous plans and reliable support, website owner can easily pick up the best plan suits to him. It not only let users to interact with site back people but also online users can interact with each other using CometChat software.


Exquisite Features of CometChat

CometChat software can be easily integrate with your website to provide an outstanding chatting platform to your site users and visitors. With single login users can experience all given below features.  

  • It is a Light weight software thus gives very less load to server side. So, it can easily run on any server without loading it much.
  • Sharing of screenshots over chat is possible between users/visitors.
  • Multiple chat options are available using which users can interact with more than one person at the same time.
  • Documents can be shared with ease on this software such as, Images, files and videos as well.
  • Handwritten text messages adds more cherry to cupcake. Users can send both, text-messages and handwritten text-messages to users on site.
  • Presence of Notification reminder so that you’ll not miss a single message by your friends/users.
  • Users can easily hide a particular chat using Hide Chat tool present in the software.
  • For mobile users, push up notification feature is also there using which they can directly get notified over phone whenever a new message arrives.
  • No Log in required at every time you visit the site. Repeated login are waste of time according to this software.
  • CometChat users can Block unwanted user via clicking on the block option.
  • You can backup conversation on CometChat platform easily.
  • To make users experience crazier; whiteboard feature to draw anything and then share it with friends also presented.
  • Users can also turn their chat into different colours as they can change text colour of the chat.
  • If you want to be a time savvy then, you can create a group of friends and then can send file, stickers or images to them.

CometChat- Product Overview

CometChat is a brilliant innovation in order to provide sustainable chat solutions to online portals where many visitors come on daily basis. The platform of this software is independent and reliable to a very good extent. One can chat among other users, solve their query instantly, and share pictures, screenshots and stickers.  Not only this, users can also broadcast videos to community over CometChat software.

At the point when any guest goes ahead your site ideal from that minute they are qualified to utilize CometChat to talk with you and their companions. Guests can see their online companion list. This rundown is naturally shown on the site. Guests can empower talking with a solitary tap on the CometChat module. Clients can adapt their symbol to know each other well. We as a whole are enamoured with communicating our feelings with emoticons and smileys. CometChat gives smileys to express your mind-sets. The stage has extensive variety of smileys to offer you assortment of expressions. CometChat has a capacity called notice. At whatever point client gets a warning, it will be appeared on their dashboard. This guarantees no notice will be remembered fondly by client. CometChat alarms client about every notice.

This software has its own dashboards, where users can easily have a sight upon ”Who is online right now”. With the broad list of friends, one can easily select and start chatting over query. Users can have an instant look on last seen of their friends via looking at the timestamp. The builders of CometChat have explained each and every necessity that is required for online chat platform very nicely. In order to make chat more responsive, software shows a pencil whenever other side person is typing on the chat. This particular feature will let users rely on the fact that they are connected and experiencing a live chat via their screens.


If you are looking for a sustainable chat software for your website through which users can convey their thoughts and query directly to you or likewise other users then, CometChat is more than best choice. With numerous of features provided by the creators of CometChat, It is proved to be most engaging chat software which denies to be expensive as well. I would highly recommend CometChat chatting software if you are about to engage your site with genuine users and visitors. Increase the user engagements on your site by choosing appropriate plan package for your visitors. With this powerful chatting software, you can make your users rely that they are visiting over an exquisite site.


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