Colour Recognition For Kids: A Three Step Approach for Parents

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As concerned parents, we are always on the quest, ensuring our children are doing the best, learning from the best and getting nothing but the best. Times have changed and so have the methods for teaching and learning. Often it is observed, parents are either trying to discover what other kids of the same age group are up to or how they are coping up with the problem they are facing with their child. Colour identification is one such milestone, parents happily watch their kids accomplish.

Colour Recognition for kids

Achieving this milestone is no easy feat which is why the accomplishment is a sweet and rewarding experience. After all colour recognition is imperative to the child’s development and cognitive process. Colours are everywhere and recognizing them aids in child’s education and visualization. Are you as parent figuring out how to teach your child colour identification? What method to use? Today technology is also at such an advance stage, varied options of colour identifier app are also easily available, that educate kids in a super easy and fun method.

Here are quick and easy tips to effortlessly teach your child to identify colours:

1) Begin with the basics

There are a myriad of colours, some even the likes of you and me wouldn’t be able to rightly name. Think of your little preschooler. Make things easy for your child. Start with the basics. Let a pink or a green just be simple pink or green. Do not complicate it with the likes of light pink or dark green. Teach your children different colours and what they represent. Constantly get them to repeat it in a fun way. This will help them understand what colours are and once they do advance it with a deeper understanding for different colours.

2) Befriend Books

Colouring books are a great tool to not only teach your kids about kids but also independently help them identify each colour and what they represent. Colouring sky to trees, kids explore and understand the relation of objects to colours. Not just colouring books but many of their bedtime or reading books are loaded with vibrant colours. As your child nurtures a reading experience, similarly, with books, get them to learn about colours, identifying them and also teach them to forge relations between colours and written words. Books are an ideal way to educate kids unconsciously.

3) Encourage learning through games

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, we have all heard that saying. Probably implying would be a great idea too. Games are a fun and frolic way to teach your kids all about colour recognition. Games released specifically for kids are loaded with colours. One such fine example would be the Candy land. Not only does it have bright and heavy colour usage, ideal to attract and retain a child’s attention but it also makes use of colour cards instead of having to roll a dice. Similarly flash cards, online games also offer countless options. Right from the age-old traditional method to nouveau tools such as website and apps, as a parent there are countless choices to educate our children about colour recognition. As the popular saying goes, choice is always yours.


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