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Digital Tablets

We all live in a world of continually changing technologies. Therefore, choosing a digital tablet that keeps you up-to-date 24/7 is of vital importance. Happily, you can conveniently shop for the latest in tablet offerings by visiting the Skytex site online. The platform offers both Android and Windows technologies. For example, Androids are represented by the Skypad line. Choose from such models as SP 458, the SP 717 and 727 as well as the SP 729 and SP 1020.

Latest Windows Tablet

The SP 1020 – Some of the Salient Features

The SP 1020 provides users with a whopping 10.1” sized screen where one can lithely select apps with convenience and ease. Working off of a 4.2 Jelly Bean system, the SP 1020 operates lightning fast. Settings are made more quickly and you can customize the lock screen so you can have super fast access to apps without any kind of hassle. A “Notifications” bar is featured on the electronic which gives the user fast access to downloads and emails as well.

A Powerhouse Electronic

Indeed, the Skypad 1020 is a powerhouse, given its 1.2 GHz core processor and RAM technology. Browse web pages faster with an Android that is designed to conserve both energy and battery life. Microsoft made ​​efforts to make the interface was perfectly adapted to these new dimensions and encouraged brands to bet on these models, promising them the package for Office Home Studio free as hook users . The result is that we can have a touch device with Windows 8.1 and Office for a price of around 400 usd , something really interesting.

Review the Tablets on Skytex Today

Any of the tablets on the Skytex site feature apps and tiles that make it simple for you to access your desktop, read emails, download music, and play online games. Take a look at the tablets yourself . Whether you are looking for an Android or Windows tablet, you will find the latest in product offerings featured on the site. Take a look right now and see the selection for yourself.


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