Cellphone Apps That Effectively Boost Memory

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With so many things easily grabbing a person’s attention, it is not surprising how people today could not effectively retain important information in their brain. Memories and knowledge somehow slip out of their mind, causing momentary mental blockage.

How Cellphone Apps That Effectively Boost Your Memory?

Alan Learner, Director, Brain Health and Memory Center said that “memory is fundamental to who we are.” He acknowledged the irate of people who are having memory lapses saying, “it’s frustrating when you can’t remember things as fast as you used to.”

Cellphone Apps to boost memory

Thankfully, he said that solving this problem is easy. He suggested that people should keep their brains active. And what better and faster way for people to exercise their mind, but to grab their cellphones and download applications that can boost memory.

To help you, here are few phone applications that can effectively improve your brain function:

Mind Games – Brain Training

Filled with a lot of great games, this application helps you exercise your brain without feeling bored. This Mindware Consulting, Inc. app has 28 games that will test various cognitive functions. Some of their games are: Abstraction, which test your ability to identify direct and abstract definitions; Memory Racer, which practice your mind’s memory and processing speed; and Speed Trivia, where you answer general trivia.


This hit application is a fun way to practice your mind, and improve it in the process. Lumosity is created by neuroscientists that created different training programs to improve your cognitive performance. To track down your progress, your score cards are displayed. You may use it to know if you are improving or backsliding every time you do the challenges. Play the mini games constantly to keep your brain active. Unfortunately, not all games are playable, but those that you can are ultimately enjoyable.

Personal Zen

Sometimes, all you need to avoid momentary brain lapses is staying happy and positive. Personal Zen is a tool that can help you achieve this. This game follows two characters, one happy and friendly, while the other irate and pessimistic. Personal Zen is designed to encourage users to focus on the positive sprite burrowed on the grass instead if the negative. The game is clinically proven to relieve stress and promote a positive outlook.


This application is simple but enormously helpful and practical. Using the idea of spaced repetition, the app trains your memory to remember phone numbers, bank details, quotation, or interesting words easily. Eidetic uses notifications to remind you when to test your memory. You may even alter the length of the testing period if you want to remember data faster. This is perfect for students who are reviewing for exams.

Fit Brains Trainer

Made by one of the premier learning companies in the world, Rosetta Stone, Fit Brains Trainer is a great learning application for users of any ages. The app has a collection of 360 games, all of which effectively improve a person’s cognitive function. The games can also improve a person’s concentration, critical thinking, reaction speed, problem- solving, and hand-eye coordination skills With so many things to get from this free app, it is no wonder why it has been garnered 4.5 average rating from 100,000 users in iTunes.

Monster Hunt

Try to exercise your brain by playing games like Monster Hunt. Unlike other mind games, you won’t answer questions with Monster Hunt. Here you play a game where you look for adorable monsters. This game hones attention and concentration skills, while improving memory. It is an app perfect for users of any age.

Sleep Cycle

Enough sleep is very important to keep the brain active. That is why you have to install Sleep Cycle on your phone. This app monitors your movement during sleep using iPhone’s sensitive accelerometer. It then measures the optimal time to wake you up during the 30 minute window before your set alarm time rings. This helps you avoid feeling sleep drunk when you wake up.

Cloud Raiders

Who says strategy and RPG games does not help improve the brain? Gamers who often play these types of game actually exercise their brain more than the people who are in the office. You should try Cloud Raiders. It is like Clash of Clans, only better. You build a fortress on floating islands and raid other fortresses to earn golds. Think decisively when building your fortress to keep it strong against enemies.

Memory lapses are indeed frustrating. Downloading these applications is a sure-fire way to improve your memory, and to never again get frustrated about misplaced keys, forgotten phone numbers, and poor test results.

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