Car Audio: Upgrades to Improve Sound Quality

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Most factory-installed car audio systems are only adequate at best. Not only is the sound quality lackluster, but many of the stock audio systems also lack the advanced features that so many people desire. Luckily, the aftermarket offers plenty of high-quality replacements. Here are the top upgrades for a car audio system.

car audio

Car Stereo

Most vehicles are equipped with a very basic car radio. In most instances, a factory car stereo is manufactured using the cheapest method that is available. Unfortunately, this means that the car owner will be stuck with a car stereo that delivers a very uninspiring sound output. Most aftermarket units offer an improved sound reproduction. Whether the car owner desires a traditional CD receiver or a modern smart phone receiver, they can expect to experience an enhanced degree of quality.

Car Speakers

Stock car speakers are designed using a very inexpensive, paper-like material. Although this decreases the manufacturing cost of a vehicle, it provides no benefit to the car owner. Simply replacing the stock speakers with a set of high-quality aftermarket speakers can make a dramatic difference in terms of sound quality and durability. When mated with the proper car stereo, there will be virtually no sound distortion.

Subwoofer and Amplifier

The sole purpose of a subwoofer is to reproduce low bass frequencies. Due to the increased power demands of a subwoofer, an amplifier will also need to be installed at the same time. A car stereo deck is not capable of powering a subwoofer.


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