Breaking The Boundaries: Six Examples Of How Technology Is Changing The World

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When you really think about, technology has changed many aspects of our lives. Have you ever stopped and considered just how many gadgets and gizmos have been invented in your lifetime, and how many more there are to come? Here are just six examples of technology that’s not only changing the world, but also altering the very fabric of reality.

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Touchless Interface

Touchscreens were once considered the height of technology, but between brands like Google Glass and MC10, controlling computers with your fingertip may soon be outdated and old-fashioned. Eye trackers, motion detectors and voice activation are changing the way people interact with their tech.


Deafness can be cured with cochlear implants. Blindness can be helped with artificial retinas. Some scientists have even gone as far as implanting electrodes in the brain to control artificial limbs with thoughts instead of muscles. These are all examples of neuroprosthetics, technology that’s breaking through all the limits of medicine with 21st century innovation.


It’s worth more than just a realistic movie streaming on Netflix. High-definition video is used in everything from home surveillance to open heart surgery, offering increased protection and improved healthcare for millions of people worldwide. Life-saving procedures that were impossible a decade ago are now completely commonplace.


Heart rate monitors have been a huge boom to exercise buffs, but recent developments in fitness technology have gone even further in the monitoring and optimization of health. For example, biosensors actually combine ECG and EEG readings for a first-rate workout tailored to your specifications. That’s full body coverage with nothing more than an unobtrusive monitor.


While many aeronautical advancements have been made since the Wright brothers launched the world’s first airplane in 1903, the basic science of flight hasn’t changed. Current engineers are looking to change that, however, with the invention of the jetpack. Called “ultralight airplanes,” these devices would allow police officers and medical personnel to fly one- and two-man teams to the site of emergencies in a hurry.


Do you dream of becoming Iron Man? Companies like Raytheon are working on high-tech exoskeletons that could completely revolutionize the military. Others are hoping to outsource menial labor to walking, lifting and cargo-carrying robots. According to the Oxford Martin Programme, 47 percent of jobs will be taken over by computerization and robotics technology within the next generation.

These are just a few ways technology is changing and reshaping the world. With all the breakthroughs on the horizon, almost anything is possible.

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