Best DSLR Cameras in India Priced Under Rs 50,000

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Whether you are a professional photographer or pursue photography as a hobby, a good camera is a basic necessity. Despite there being a flood of good camera phones, when it comes to DSLRs, no smart phone can beat it. DSLRs have been loved for a long time now and there are countless options available in the market. The DSLR camera prices in India are skyrocketing though the entry level cameras cost lower. Here, I have list out some of my favourite DSLR Cameras in India which are priced under Rs. 50,000:

A) Nikon D3200 with 18-105 mm

A) Nikon D3200 with 18-105 mm

This camera is hugely popular amongst beginners and amateur photographers. It is known to be a much better and more advanced than its previous versions such as D3100 or D5100. It consists of a 24 mega pixel sensor. It gives good performance in low light and is recommended for anyone who is in two minds about DSLRs. Its key features are:

  • Auto Focus
  • CMOS Sensor Type
  • 3 inch LCD size
  • Shutter Speed- 1/4000
  • A warranty of 2 years by Nikon

B) Nikon D5200 with 18-200 mm lens


This is another camera that is highly recommended for beginners. It smart focus is great to practice and you can soon see yourself clicking pictures of a professional quality. It boasts of a high quality colours, sharpness and brightness. This too, has a sensor of 24 mega pixel. It is known to blur backgrounds, give sharper images and has a smart auto focus feature. It can detect faces and create wonderful portrait images. Its key features are:

  • Smart Auto Focus
  • CMOS Sensor Type
  • 3 inch LCD size
  • 3.6X Optical Zoom
  • 1/4000 Shutter Speed
  • Warranty of 2 years by Nikon India

C) Sony SLT A58Y

Sony SLT A58Y

This camera boasts of a super fast burst mode speed of 12 frames per second. This way, you will never miss a crucial moment. It can record HD videos and even slow motion videos. Thus this camera is perfect for people who love to stay outdoors or are into sports photography. It is cable of increasing the sensitivity of the picture and can capture the tiniest details of the frame. Its key features are:

  • Auto Focus
  • Sensor Type CCD
  • 2.7 inch LSD Size
  • 3X Optical Zoom
  • 20.1 Mega pixel
  • 2 years warranty by Sony India

D) Canon EOS 600D with 18-135 mm

Canon EOS 600D with 18-135 mm

It promises a high quality image with 18 mega pixels. It comes with a basic as well as a detailed guide, making it simpler for you to gets your hands on it. It is capable of capturing full HD videos and is a good camera for night photography too. It has awesome features of live mode, contrast detection and face detection along with image sensors. Its key features are:

  • Auto Focus
  • 1/4000 Maximum Shutter Speed
  • CMOS Sensor Type
  • 2 inch LCD Size
  • 18 mega pixel
  • Dimensions – 22.3 x 14.9 mm.
  • 2 years warranty by Canon India and free Transit Insurance

E) Nikon D5500


It is a light weight camera and features a smooth touchscreen which gives easy and quick response. It comes with rotating screen and built in WiFi, so you can upload pictures immediately and even connect it with smart phones. It boasts of good battery backup and great picture clarity. It has an LCD monitor which lets you take more images shot at various angles. It lets you take multiple images due to its rapid shutter speed and works well even in low light. Here are its key features:

  • Auto Focus
  • 1/4000 Maximum Shutter Speed
  • Optical zoom – 1
  • 24.2 Effective mega pixels
  • CMOS Sensor Type
  • 3.2 inch LCD size

F) Canon ES 750D (Body only)

Canon ES 750D (Body only)

Another camera recommended for beginners, especially if you are into still photography rather than shooting videos. If you happen to be an amateur or casual photographer, this will suit your needs. It is rather simple and easy to use while boasting of excellent quality of images. It gives its users creative freedom and comes with a number of different filters. It comes with touchscreen LCD, and smart auto focus. Following are its key features:

  • Auto Focus
  • 1/4000 Max Shutter Speed
  • CMOS Sensor Type
  • 3 inch LCD size
  • 24.2 effective mega pixels
  • warranty of 2 years by Canon India along with Transit Insurance

These are all great DSLR camera prices in India under Rs. 50,000. These are especially recommended for people who love to do casual photography and are at the beginners or amateur level. Once you get a hang of one of these cameras, you can easily move on to other more advanced, high end and expensive DSLRs. This way, you will get ample practice before you go on to buy the truly professional ones.

Let us know in the comment section how well you see yourself improving.

Happy clicking!


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