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When it comes to developing a new product in today’s app filled world there are going to be some challenges each and every developer will have to face. Besides the quality of the product, the reliability and the overall efficiency at its given task, developers will also have to set aside quite a hefty budget for promotion.

Now, when it comes to small or medium sized developers one of the most efficient ways to promote their product is via a self service advertising platform. They give smaller products the ability to pay only for installs, guaranteeing that no marketing cost goes unjustified. This won’t just expose the product to tens or even hundreds of millions of potential clients from all over the world, it will also allow developers more control over their marketing campaign. Most of these platforms allow users to quickly modify any details regarding their product or their offer (such as cost or descriptions) while also getting instant feedback both in terms of their product as well as the reach of their campaign.

Pay Per Install

This is why developers should also look to promote their products on as many app stores as possible. While huge app stores like Google Play offer an almost infinite amount of products, most users never look past the top ten products for a certain category. This is where some of the best android app store alternatives can make a difference. These stores often focus on providing better tested products, even if fewer in number, increasing thus the quality of their offer. You will also have a good chance to find a lot of special offers or even free products as well. These platforms also tend to organize on a location-basis so if you’re looking for an app that is special to your country or can work only in certain parts of the world, then perhaps you should also look on these platforms as well.


Another great place to market a new product is on one of the mobile software platforms. These platforms are created by some of the biggest names in the I.T. industry and thus provide a huge audience. Simply choose from the list of mobile software distribution platforms and find where your product will do best.

Most of these lists are curated and thus impose some very strict levels of quality that each accepted app must meet. As with all app platforms, once the product is accepted a percentage of each sale is taken by the platform. This percentage can range from 10 to 30 percent.

While these platforms offer great service and a huge list of potential customers a developer should really determine what market the product is addressed to before choosing either one of these platforms. Smaller cost-per-install platforms offer much better service for products that don’t have a big budget and are addressed to a more general audience. Similarly, apps with a well-focused audience can do well on larger platforms as well, as their customers will know exactly what they are looking for and what they expect to get for their money.

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