Beats Audio Headphones: Worth the Price?

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These days, many consumers rely more and more on their smartphone for entertainment while on the go. Apple’s iPhone in particular is an extremely popular device to use for listening to music and watching videos thanks to its quality as well as the neatly organized music player it includes. Taking all of that into consideration, users who want to listen to music on their smartphone heavily would most likely want a truly exceptional set of headphones so that they can get the ultimate experience.

Beats by Dre
Dr. Dre’s Studio headphones, which include the signature Beats audio technology, are an excellent choice for people who want to get the maximum experience when listening to music on their iPhone or other smartphone. They are a pricey pair at around $229 or more.

However, as any iPhone user can attest to, the white Apple earphones of old as well as the new ear buds that are included with the newly released iPhone 5 cannot compare to even the cheapest alternatives on the market. The earphones are essentially an afterthought and may be an inadequate fit for certain users if they have smaller ear canals.

There is nothing special that goes into the making of Apple’s standard earphones or ear buds, and anyone who has tried The Beats Studio headphones by Dr. Dre would never consider going back.

The headphones include a quality build that is visually pleasing, but what is even better about them is the sound quality. There is a great deal of bass sound boosted in the device as well as adjustable treble and other details. Included in the box are two audio cables of exceptional quality, one of which includes a built in microphone. This is meant to work with an iPhone or other smartphone while speaking during a call. The individual on the other end will have absolutely no problem with hearing as the sound quality is quite high.

Unlike other headphones, The Beats Studio headphones are powered by a pair of AAA batteries that should get the user through a few months of usage. As is the case with most high quality headphones, there is a noise cancellation feature that allows the individual to get the most out of their listening experience without outside sound interference. The Beats also provide the listener with a clear and precise music listening experience. The bass boost in particular is a favorable feature.

Generally, there is only one negative to these headphones, and that is sound leakage. Depending on the volume at which the music is set, it is likely that people around the user will hear the music. However, overall, these headphones are definitely worth the money, and they can be purchased at Apple stores or other establishments.


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