Are My Employees Honest? Benefits of Monitoring Software for Small Business

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Most of us start out trusting our employees and then something happens that shakes our trust. Maybe you caught them in a little white lie or a story on the 8 o’clock news made a light bulb go off. Either way, you decide that you want to monitor your employee’s computer usage. Finding remote monitoring software is key in accomplishing your goal of keeping your small business safe. There are a few reasons why your small business should be monitoring employees.

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Save Time

Time is something that is vital to a small business owner. There often isn’t enough time in a day to get everything done. If your employees aren’t using their time as efficiently as possible, it will affect your life, too. By using remote monitoring software you can see if the employee is spending too much time on activities that aren’t crucial to their job – like personal internet usage. By getting your employees to use their time wisely, your business will run like a well-oiled machine.

Save Money

You can find quality remote monitoring software for under fifty dollars. Let’s say one employee is surfing the internet an hour per day, which is 5 hours they are wasting each week. At $12 per hour, that is a loss of $60. Over the course of a year, that would equate to $3,120. What if you had 10 employees that were also using the internet for personal reasons during the work day? You see where I am going with this. By using remote monitoring software, you can see where your money is going by making sure that your employees are being as productive as possible. It will pay for itself tenfold.

Save Sanity

Give yourself piece of mind. No one wants to be paranoid and think that people are stealing from them, but as a small business owner whose livelihood depends on that employee, you can’t afford not to be proactive. It will save you from the frustration and embarrassment down the road if you do have an employee stealing from you.

Reduce Employee Theft

Do you have an employee that is downloading sensitive files – like client information? It does happen. That employee may be leaving to go to another company or start their own business and you would have no idea. By using remote monitoring software you can see everything from downloads to files and folders they are spending the most time on. If they are somewhere that they really shouldn’t be in the company’s files and are spending a lot of time there – you may want to look into the reasons why.

As you can see there are many benefits to finding a cutting-edge remote monitoring software to keep your employees honest. Many employers who have been stolen from in the past have wished they were more present in keeping tabs of the employees PC usage as they may have been able to spot red-flag’s sooner than when they realized that money was missing.

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Jane Kirkhoff is an internet consultant and small business coach. When she isn’t coaching small business owners on internet security, you can find her blogging at Sniper Spy, a cutting-edge remote monitoring software for personal or business use.

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  1. mary kaichini July 22, 2013 at 3:26 pm -

    Of course we all want to trust one employees, but as for the personal money invested it is better to be on the safe side. Our small company uses monitoring software Anturis in order to avoid any information leakage and every person in the office knows that the whole network is monitoring and every PC as well. I think that it keeps some kind of order in the office.

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