Apple: The Original Sin

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The world is made up of two types of people: those who love Apple and those who don’t. However, it’s not really fair to say that Apple-lovers really appreciate the hard work of Steve Jobs and his crew. In fact, most of the work they do has been stealing the hard work of other inventors.

Much of the technology that Apple has taken credit for is traced back to other inventors who have had their work stolen. Apple has also dropped employees and then stolen their work without compensation or recognition. There have even been times that they have openly admitted that the design or idea was not theirs. Still, they have done nothing to compensate the brains behind the products that make them a multi-billion dollar company.

What is so ironic is that Apple cannot seem to handle it when the tables are turned. Recently, Apple sued Samsung for stealing their ideas. The question remains, who did Apple steal it from first?

Apple: The Original Sin


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