Apple Macbook Air 2016 Edition: Rumors and Speculations

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Apple always makes awesome products for consumers. Whenever they arrange any product launch events, experts start guessing about the products which will be launched at a press event. This time, Apple will launch iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. With the speculations and rumors about the launch and specifications of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus,

There is one rumor about another interesting Apple product. It is about Apple MacBook Air. According to rumors, the MacBook Air will be launched in 2016 and it will be the first Apple laptop which is designed for gamer.

Apple Macbook Air 2016 EditionSpecification:

If it is a fully fledged gaming laptop from Apple, it will be a great high-end laptop. According to rumors, this awesome device comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 Graphics Processing Unit, which is able to handle and render High end games graphics very smoothly. This graphics card unit which will be installed in MacBook Air 2016 version will be capable to play multiplayer games.

Another speculation about Apple MacBook Air 2016 is that it will come with Retina Display which already added to PRO models of all MacBook’s. This Retina Display makes the screen more vibrant and enhances the colors. Also, there will be a Core-M based Skylake processor added in MacBook Air. This Skylake processor can improve MacBook’s performance more than any other processor and also will make this laptop more energy-efficient. Also as you all know the 12-inch Retina Macbook was a big hit and it will be too.

Wide spread rumors about MacBook’s Features states that Apple will introduce Wireless charging option for the MacBook Air 2016 edition. This is able due to the use of Skylake processors. With such awesome features, the price of this Apple product should be too high. But, there is speculation that Apple MacBook Air 2016 edition will start selling at the price of $899 only.

This will be the cheapest gaming laptop in the market if it is launched at this price. There is no official announcement or solid proof about all these features. These are still rumors about Apple products.

If these rumors are true, then all gaming lovers and Apple MacBook owners, “You should sell your MacBook and buy a new MacBook Air 2016 Model which will be a very wonderful Gadget”. We don’t know the exact date of release of this wonderful MacBook Air 2016 model as there is no official announcement from Apple. But, according to our insights, it will be launched in the next year.


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