Animas G5 Integrated Vibe Insulin Pump & CGM System Review 2017

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Living with diabetes can be tough but modern technology has the solution for everything. With Animas G5 Integrated Vibe Insulin Pump and CGM System, managing diabetes becomes much easier than you can imagine. It gives you intuitive and real-time blood glucose levels so it becomes much easier for the patients to know/ manage their high and low levels. Read on to read the complete Animas G5 Integrated Vibe Insulin Pump and CGM system review 2017.

This Animas G5 Integrated Vibe system comes with an integrated insulin pump along with an advanced Dexcom G4 Platinum Sensor technology. It helps people suffering from diabetes to keep a tab on their insulin levels even while they are on the go.  This is the exclusive continuous glucose monitoring system or CGM which has also been approved for children who are as young as 2 years.

Animas G5 Integrated Vibe Insulin Pump

What makes the Animas G5 Integrated Vibe Insulin Pump special?

The latest version of the Animas G5 Integrated Vibe Insulin Pump is fine-tuned and it comprises of a Swiss-made motor. The pump is capable of offering a basal rate increment which can be as low as 0.025 U/hour. The bolus increments are as low as 0.05 U throughout the various range available from0.05 to 35 U. This helps in delivering the accurate growths of insulin to meet the changing needs of the body.

This monitoring system gives you an extensive report that contains the complete details of the blood glucose test results. The CGM also gives you an idea about what takes place between the meter tests. This allows you to observe the various patterns and levels which may not have been detected before. The Animas Vibe System gives you an idea about where the glucose level is heading to and at what rate. It also shows the trends and the rate at which it is changing at one glance.

Features and benefits

The Dexcom needle used in this system is round, tiny and highly flexible. It is one of the tiniest introducer needles available in the market. It comprises of sensors that can be easily approved for up to 7 days so it means you don’t need to change the needle frequently.

The level of accuracy is measured by ARD (Absolute Relative Difference) and it has been considered as the industry’s standard for establishing the accuracy of this CGM system. The Dexcom G4 Platinum Sensor is known to offer exceptional level of accuracy and overall performance

We like the fact that the product is waterproof even if submerged inside water at 12 feet and it can still survive for 24 hours. The makers of this device are committed to let you live your life carefree without your diabetes pulling you down. So, if you are passionate about swimming, you can go inside water with the device as still stay safe.

The alerts on this Animas G5 Integrated Vibe Insulin Pump are highly customizable and they tell you when the insulin level goes high or slumps down. This product is in itself a complete diabetes management system that allows you to enjoy your freedom and live your life the way you want. We hope this Animas G5 Integrated Vibe Insulin Pump and CGM System Review 2017 helps you make the right decision.

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