An Insight Into HTML5 And Its Unique Features Which Has Several Advantages

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You must have heard of HTML 5 if you have kept track of the recent trends in web development. A large number of developers are making use of HTML5. The language has been in use for the past few years and it is being predicted that it will become an industry standard for web development soon. HTML5 is not a single identity. On the other hand, it is a set of APIs and standards which is supported by most browsers. HTML5 is the fifth release for Hypertext Markup language. Most of the web pages which exist today have made use of HTML in some form or another.


About HTML5

HTML 5 has some features of HTML 4 and some additional features. Some HTML elements have been redefined in HTML 5. The previous elements have been replaced with human-friendly elements which include headers, footers and sections. With the help of HTML API’s, you can add multimedia elements like audio and video. The greatest advantage of HTML 5 is that it is extremely easy to implement. HTML doctype is streamlined and simple. If you are looking for software which allows you to embed audio and video, you can make use of HTML 5. With the help of the mark-up language, you can build strong communication.

Host of benefits

With little time and effort you can learn HTML 5. The program has ben designated in such a way that it is extremely easy for the users. HTML 5 was developed to solve the compatibility problems which were affecting the standard of HTML4. One common interface is provided by HTML5, which makes it easier for the pages to load. In HTML5, there is no need to install a Flush Plug-in. The element runs by itself. Web pages built with older versions of HTML may load in one browser but fail to load in another browser.

Offering more responsiveness

One important design goal of HTML5 is that it supports multimedia in mobile devices. The new features in HTML5 have changed the way users interact with the documents. For enhanced flexibility, there are new parsing rules. In the mark-up language redundant attributes have been eliminated. It is easy to drag and drop abilities from one HTML5 document to another. Offline editing is possible when you make use of the language. You can make use of HTML5 to create responsive websites. With the help of custom HTML5 website design, you can reach out to all your users.

HTML5 Advantages

Creating better user-experience

You can make use of HTML5 to develop mobile responsive sites as well. The features of HTML5 include offline or local storage which will allow you to run applications faster offline. The offline mode will allow you to run applications without network application as well. The multimedia elements will not require support from any third party software. You can enjoy better efficiency. With stunning animation and effects in multimedia, you can ensure a better user experience. You can make the best of flexible layouts which change according to screen resolutions offering better user experience. Through web sockets communication between clients and server is improved.

Easy to upgrade to

You will get a powerful combination if HTML5 and CSS3 work together. With the help of this combination you will be able to create a feature rich website. HTML has been written in a broad fashion to accommodate different styles of web development. It takes into account different thought patterns of the web browsers. Upgrading to HTML5 is extremely easy. As there is only one doctype making the changes is easy. When you upgrade to HTML 5, the existing mark-up will not break. Experts feel that HTML5 is here to stay and will be used by web developers.

Author Bio: Lewis Jones has written a blog for Web design New York. In his blog, he has highlighted the features of HTML5 and the advantages which it has over previous HTML versions.


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  1. sujain September 12, 2014 at 11:19 am -

    The new features of HTML5 are hovering all over the networking and internet platform and reliable web design companies are helping you to find the best deals with this solution or platform.
    The main aim of this category is to create and take help of the recent trends, which are following under the website development categories. Some of the new segments are sections, footers and headers along with the other multimedia option like the video and audio streaming.
    The doc type of the HTML cards is very simple and also streamlined for the betterment of the clients. You just have to take little time to understand HTML5 well.

  2. mathew September 10, 2014 at 12:25 pm -

    HTML5 is a core technology markup language of the Internet used for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web. It is the fifth revision of the HTML standard. And it is very easy to implement.
    There is much difference between HTML and HTML5, as many new features are added in HTML5 and which are stated in this post.
    All the web design companies use HTML5 mostly in their websites. This post is very helpful for an individual who is willing to learn HTML5 and also helpful for the web design companies. Thank you for such an informative post on HTML5.

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