An Insight into Amazon [Infographic]

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In this digital age when everything is online, we have varieties of options to choose from when it comes to shopping for our dear ones. Have you ever tried to compare the prices on various online marketplaces and eventually bought the product and a great deal too? Today majority of us love to shop online because all our favorite brands and goods can now easily be found online and we don’t need to visit the shop physically.

In the recent years Amazon has turned into one of most trusted online marketplaces due to the attractive offers and shipping options it provides. Although the journey of Amazon started with a book selling website but due to the positive response it generated in short span of time, the founder realized the true power of online portals and turned that book selling website into biggest online marketplace.

An Insight into Amazon



This infographic, brought to you by KOL limited, revolves around some of the less known facts and statistics about Amazon.

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