Advantages of Lab Workflow Software

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Lab workflow software is effective in managing samples and related data for improving lab efficiency. By using a lab information management system your lab is able to automate workflows, effectively integrate instruments and manage samples and relevant information. Labs using cutting-edge information management systems are able to raise their bars and enhance their level of proficiency and professionalism. Labs meet customer requirements by generating precise, reproducible results more reliably and faster with the help of the state-of-the-art workflow software. Now data can be stored, tracked and assessed across experiments over a period of time so that labs are able to assess and boost operational efficiency.

Lab Workflow Software

Some Crucial Challenges Faced by Labs

Several next-generation genomics laboratories are facing the overwhelming challenge of managing lab day-to-day activity and also, pretty high volumes of data. Some of the critical challenges include:

  • Need to cope with the consistent and remarkable rise in the volume and accuracy of date related to sequencing runs.
  • Identify scalable ways to track and organize samples and relevant data.
  • Maintain connectivity between samples and related data right from the time the samples arrive at the lab to when data is actually reported.
  • Cut down the amount of time you spend on manually managing and processing samples.
  • Store and retrieve data relating to projects, irrespective of when it was conducted.
  • Maintain in-house solutions that are not difficult to use and are applicable to the protocols and instruments essential for moving research programs forward.

Enhances Patient Care

Laboratory workflow software is used for streamlining lab operations, improving genomics research quality and boosting the level of proficiency and professionalism of the core services lab. This exclusive software is known to automate, streamline and integrate laboratory work as well as information flow for providing enhanced productivity and also, patient safety gains.

Laboratory workflow software safeguards patients from the grave risks related with sample misidentification. The workflow solution offers one label and onetime slide identification for eliminating errors. Now you can use barcode scanners to conveniently maintain positive sample IDs. You can locate any patient slide immediately from last-scanned location at any time. Now it is possible for compiling quality reporting documentation easily.

Lean Workflow

Now with advanced software, you can prevent bottlenecks from happening. A workflow solution allows a perfect lab view at all times. This ensures optimal performance. It coordinates with lean histology experts for improving the workflow. It definitely simplifies workflow steps. You can now view a complete dashboard of laboratory performance at all times. The software further helps you in identifying opportunities for improving staffing, quality and efficiency of your lab.

Maximizes Efficiency and Quality

Advanced laboratory workflow software guide workflow right from pre-analytics to reflex testing, delta checks, reruns, instrument flags and of course quality control.

Manages Workflow across Disciplines

Helps to cut down the number of steps involved from accession to finally the test results. It helps to integrate post analytical and pre-analytical processes for optimizing workflow across various disciplines like clinical chemistry, hematology, immunology and coagulation.

Offers Integrated Quality Control

Now you can monitor Quality Control continuously. All information related to analyzer and reagents are readily available. You can redirect samples as per requirements to ensure nonstop workflow while reagent use is reduced and time is saved.

Assists in Tracking Workflow and Troubleshooting

All information that you need are readily accessible. You can view key indicators such as sample status or critical tests. There are visual cues that highlight items that need attention and also, indicate the urgency level.

Author Bio: Stefan Mitrovic is a software developer who has been engaged in developing state of the art lab workflow software and other implementations of information technology for smarter workplaces.


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