8 Reasons to Choose either iPad Pro or Macbook

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Ever since the Apple iPad pro came out, there has been a lot of speculation going on about whether the largest and the most powerful iPad ever built is a viable option to replace your MacBook with the keypad extension that is now available in the market. If you too find yourself asking the same question, you’re opened the right webpage as today we will give you 8 solid reasons to choose the iPad Pro over the MacBook and 8 reasons to choose the MacBook Over the iPad Pro. So let’s get going.

iPad Pro or Macbook

Reasons to choose iPad Pro:

  1. Touchscreen and Stylus Input

Now this may seem obvious since the iPad is a tablet but having touchscreen operationality paired with a stylus can be very productive in certain cases

  1. TouchID

The fingerprint scanner on the iPad pro, dubbed as TouchID adds an extra layer of security to your device.

  1. Siri

Having a personal assistant may not seem like a big advantage but it has its perks.

  1. Rear facing Camera

That 8MP camera on the back might not seem much but it can sure come in handy.

  1. Doubles as a tablet and a mini laptop

The iPad Pro is a large tablet most of the times but with the new Apple smart keyboard case, it can turn into your mini laptop in a jiffy.

  1. Apple Pay

Apple Pay paired with TouchID can make online shopping a whole lot easier for you.

  1. 4G Connectivity

The top model of the iPad pro comes with Wi-Fi as well as 4G connectivity when can be very useful in times when youre away from a Wi0Fi network and need your work done urgently.

  1. Immersive gaming experience

With the 4 stereo speakers located around the periphery and the pixel dense 13 inch screen, watching videos and gaming on the iPad Pro is a pleasure. People Choose to sell macbook so they can play well on an iPad, and it’s iPad Pro The Beast so you know which one to buy and which one to not.

Reasons to choose MacBook:

  1. Multitasking

Now we know the iPad Pro too supports multitasking with its Split View but that doesn;t get the work done as easily as it gets done on a true laptop.

  1. Force Touch

MacBook’s keypad features the Force Touch which lets you peek into stuff before actually opening it. Force Touch features on the iPhone 6S but is absent from the iPad Pro.

  1. Easy file management

With the simple pick, drag and drop procedure to club your files, file management is comapritively easy on the MacOS than on the iOS.

  1. Full feature softwares

Productivity apps often take a hit when it comes to availability on the app store for tablets and if they make their way, some features are mostly missing.

  1. More memory and storage

You have the option to choose upto 16GB of memory and 1TB storage on a MacBook while on an iPad Pro, you are stuck with 4GB and 128GB respectively.

  1. Multiple monitors

MacOS allow you to attach multiple monitors to your computer system to make it more productive while this cannot be done with the iPad pro for obvious reasons.

  1. Better security options

The MacBook might lack the TouchID but some apps let you setup special permissions for app installations and also let you encrypt files.

  1. Peripheral support

Compared to just the USB-C port on the iPad Pro, MacBooks have atleast one if not multiple USB ports and also a thunderbolt port to allow connectivity with peripherals such as hard drive, printers etc.

So these were 8 reasons to buy the iPad Pro over the MacBook and 8 reasons to do the opposite.


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