7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Multi Touch Monitors

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Multi touch monitors have begun flying off the shelves due to accessible pricing and people’s affinity for touch screen interactions. It is only a matter of time before businesses begin adopting this technology on a larger scale because of its numerous benefits. What would you find more impressive, a presentation done on a 15 year old projector, or one using a huge multi touch screen monitor that clients can interact with? As you will see, the benefits go beyond just improved presenting abilities and visual appeal. Here are 7 benefits your business will experience once you implement multi touch monitors:


1. Intuitive and Easy to Use

For any company, turnover and the costs associated with training new employees can be quite high. With these new multi touch screens, all of their tasks become more intuitive, and users often praise how easy it is to use this technology. It is also been shown to help workers become more efficient as touch screens take less time than a traditional mouse and keyboard.

2. Impressive Technology with Improved Software

Your newly hired and talented staff will appreciate the new technology, and aesthetics in your office will be improved. If you couple that with their ability to be compatible with multiple hardware and operating systems, these screens make a lot of sense. Windows 8 was designed with touch screen monitors in mind, and makes some excellent software improvements for touch screen functionality.

3. User Friendly

Very little technical knowledge is needed to operate these multi touch monitors, so that makes interacting with them very user friendly. By setting up terminals within your store or business, you will score massive customer service points from the positive experiences they will have engaging with these monitors.

4. Superior Presentations

Nothing has the kind of impact that huge multi touch monitors do when it comes to presentations. If you couple that with wirelessly streaming the presentation to the other devices in the room, you’ll never have people looking sleepy in your presentations again.

5. Engaging way to interact with customers

Potential customers are constantly being bombarded by information. Many have trained themselves to filter out the common and ordinary. Huge multi touch monitors can ensure you rise above the static and get noticed by your target audience. Then you can use these monitors to interact and engage your customers in meaningful ways they’ll remember.

6. Excellent for Collaborations

Multi touch monitors are excellent for working with other colleagues and collaborating on tasks. Instead of fighting over the mouse for control, the power is now in everyone’s hands. Projects will be completed more effectively, and workplace cooperation will improve.

7. Helpful for those needing Assistive Technology

Many of your customers or even employees may have physical issues that make mouse and keyboard use difficult. For example, people who suffer from severe arthritis have a real hard time operating that kind of equipment. Multi touch monitors can empower these users and give them a sense of self-reliance and satisfaction they wouldn’t be able to get from traditional computer setups.

It appears touch screens are the future, and it looks bright. The potential uses for this technology are just beginning to be understood. As multi touch monitors move forward, prepare to see them implemented on larger displays, tables, and even floors. How businesses interact with customers, will never be the same.


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