7 Tips to Achieve Success with Your Social Bookmarking Efforts

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It’s a well-known fact that social bookmarking sites are very useful in creating links and increasing traffic to the site. Sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Reddit are some of the popular social bookmarking sites which also provide a great help to famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing in exposing your content and providing relevant traffic to your website.

In SEO Firm world there are several ways to popularize the website or blog and social bookmarking is one of the best ways that has ability to drive quickly millions of traffic to your site.

Social Bookmarking Efforts

I usually heard that some marketers say, social bookmarking is not that much beneficial as it is time consuming activity and still after doing lots of bookmarking they don’t get positive results.

After lots of research I got the reason behind the issue and that was nothing but the absence of specific approach and lack of knowledge. Focus and clarity about the subject is always needed to get profitable result and same applies in the concept of social bookmarking.

Here I present some of the useful tips that surely provide success with your social bookmarking efforts, have a look on them:

  • Right selection of sites: While browsing the internet, you will get thousands of free social bookmarking sites over there and what you normally do, just pick one or two sites and do bookmarking and waiting and waiting for the traffic, which is wrong. Select good and high rank sites and once you got them, create your account, fill necessary details in your profile that makes your profile look good to others.
  • Share relevant information: if you are really serious to get success from your effort, share relevant content to your website and try to make it informative and entertaining so that you can easily steal the spotlight.
  • Update the content regularly: those who add new content on regular basis on their websites and blogs, these sites works well for them, whether it is image, video or blog post. So it is good to add and share every time you have new story or info.
  • Allow others to do it: You can allow others to add content on social bookmarking websites as it is not necessary that every time you need to update the content.
  • Never submit duplicate content: Google hate duplicacy and same for social bookmarking sites. Avoid duplicate content for posting and if you don’t have new content, try to modify the information and make it unique and interesting.
  • Advertise others too: Don’t be selfish while using bookmarking websites. Do something for others too like bookmark the things which you think is worth. By doing such activity, others feel good and return you the same.
  • Have some patience: Doing social bookmarking is not a magic as you did it in day and left overnight and next morning you get your results. It takes time, so you should have patience and the results will surely surprise you.

Now use above tips and let me know about your success.

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