7 Reasons to Switch From Dropbox to Google Drive

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The software wars are never going to end. When you finally settle for software that you truly love, the next day you will be pushed in to the direction of the other. The same scenario applies to Dropbox and Google Drive; you can’t make up your mind about which one you love the most.

Dropbox to Google Drive

With these two oldest and famous cloud giants in the market, it can be very tough to decide which one deserves to be called as ‘number one’. This is one debate that people often start but fail to reach the final decision. In order to settle this debate, here are some reasons why you must switch from Dropbox to Google Drive:

  • Ideal For A Gmail User

It is an endless pit of data for any Gmail user. Earlier when Gmail was introduced, you could only add Google documents to it and therefore, you required Dropbox in case you were working with Microsoft. Now Google Drive is made compatible with almost every format and not just Google Slide files, Google Spreadsheet and Google Docs. Now keep all of them in one service and easily access them for Google Drive applications for both Android and iOS devices.

  • Cost Efficient

If you are too conscious about the investment of your money, then you should know that Google Drive offers way morethan Dropbox. Dropbox only offers 2 GB for free to its users whereas Google gives a whopping 15 GB overall for free. The storage plans, in case of Google Drive, is also much cheaper as compared to Dropbox.

  • User-Friendly Search Tools

Probably the biggest reason why people pick Google Drive with their eyes closed, Google Drive comes with easy to use search tools which give thousands of results even when you type a single word. It also comes with its own Spreedsheets, Docs and image editing software.

  • App Support

Your drive supports all your Google apps including the most common ones namely emails, calendars, files and documents. You can access this data from your phone, tablet or PC and it lets you keep everything in one place. It also allows other people to edit and review your data if you allow them.

  • Google Photos

Recently, Google has released Google Photos which is a little piece of heaven for all those photography fanatics out there. It gives you unlimited storage to upload photos which arenot in HD quality. So if you want to save all those precious memories, then this your final destination and you need not look further.

  • File Support

Google Drive can support up to 30 different formats, all which can be easily accessed and edited on your browser. It also supports software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop even if you donot have these preinstalled in your device whereas Dropbox doesnot come with this online editing option.

  • Videos

Even though both Drive and Dropbox allow you to watch cool and/or educational videos, the trouble here is that Dropbox does not support a lot of formats.So ultimately, you need to move towards Google Drive in order to take advantage of its multiple features and the nice music player.

So, the final verdict is that even though both apps are more or less equally popular and reliable, Google Drive has the upper hand when it comes to its features and advantages. No software is perfect, and even Google Drive may have its disadvantages but these disadvantages seem tiny when placed in front of its advantages especially when you compare it with Dropbox.


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