7 Gadgets and Services That Will Make Running Your Business Easy

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Running a business can be the most enjoyable and most challenging thing you experience. Staff issues to supplier problems or tech updates, and everything in between, can bring you joy and pain. Anything that can help you run your business should be considered to make you more efficient and productive. Here are seven gadgets and services that can help you run your business easier.

Gadgets And Services


Your smartphone is not just something to make calls with and play games. It is a powerful computer that you can take anywhere, and you should use its potential. Seriously look at what your smartphone has to offer. Calendaring, messaging, web browsing and specialized apps all work together to be a mini-office in the palm of your hand and enable you to run your business easier.


Evernote has a smartphone app for your phone, a website for when you are at a computer and has browser add-ons for saving data from websites. It can be used to take notes, make lists, store pictures, collaborate with others and even make presentations. It is a very powerful tool to consider for your business.


For businesses in the construction industry, AccuLynx is a must-have service. It combines the complete lifecycle of construction services from communicating with clients, to customized workflows that meet the unique processes of you business. It also tracks supply orders for your construction site to give you insight into where your supplies are. With all these parts of the construction business in one place, AccuLynx is a valuable tool to increase the productivity of your business.


Storing and sharing files within your business and with customers can be done easily with Dropbox. Dropbox syncs files across computers, smartphones and tablets to make them accessible anywhere. It also gives you specific control for you to only share what you want to share with individuals and groups. Dropbox allows you to share and backup files, videos and photos.


GoToMeeting is a great tool that can be used to attend and hold online meetings and webinars. It is a web-based service that securely transmits the desktop view of the host computer to one or more computers, smartphones and tablets. It also records the meeting or webinar for viewing at a later time. This app and related service can save you time and money.


DocuSign is a great service for your business that lets you send, sign and manage documents in a secure fashion. It is a tool to coordinate digital transactions allowing you more time to focus on your core business.


Finally, a simple gadget like ChargeHub will allow you to charge almost any USB device. It has seven USB ports saving space and eliminates the need for you to keep track of charging cables and look for an available power outlet.

These gadgets and services will help you run your business and be more profitable. It’s important that your business takes advantage of all tech updates and services to keep up with competition.

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Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about technology, business and finance. For businesses in the construction industry, Acculynx Construction Management Software can help.


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